How can we minimize traffic loss after a domain name change?

by Yamin Malik  |  11 years, 11 month(s) ago

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How can we minimize traffic loss after a domain name change?

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  1. Guest27895928

     YES!! ofcourse you can, After the change of Domain name you will face your loss of traffic, but not too much.

    If you make a website from MAKEAYSITE, then you have not to face anyproblem, they will take care of that.




  2. Shawn White
    To minimize traffic you must plan it ahead of time and take the required steps. if you still have access to the old domain you can do redirect but depending on where your traffic is coming from it will get affected accordingly. for example if majority of your traffic is direct traffic the name change with redirect will keep them coming back if you have relevant content. your search engine traffic will get affected because you would have to build the PR of your new domain name and all the back links you had for the old one would only point to the old domain.

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