How can i text or chat with justin bieber

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Help of get justin bieber phone number i an a huge huge fan i wrote his name on the wall with white chalk HE I DONT GET HIS NUMBER I WILL DIE

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  1. Guest28121911

     hi justin bieber im your #1 fan and belieber and your awesome

  2. Guest28121316
    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii my love I really love you boy my name is sayna and im your best fan in iran ohhh by the way im from iran
  3. Guest28120848

    hey justin drew bieber how are u good awww i like your song pray

  4. Guest28094969

     hey just i am a huge fan of urs  wats ur fking  number

  5. Guest24955683

     Hey Justin you are so hot iAm your #1 fan I low you so much one thing I want to tell you I am 13 years old.From kassie Usey.

  6. Guest24271192

    i luv justin bieber can i have ur number my friends have it u call them they don't call u so just ask her 4 my number

  7. Guest24270769

    hi justin bieber i wish i was like you i love to sing if your out there i need your help my name is heaven washington i think you are very sweet and a great person dont listen to all those haters out there you are great selena you are perfect for justin bieber dont let him stop beliveing that i am 11 years old i live in columbus/ohio 43223 love ya heaven washington:)

  8. Guest24270633



  9. Guest23167561

    hey i am a big fan of you justin bieber and i love your music

  10. Guest23095820






    i dont like him because he is hot i like him because he is sweet im ur biggest fan everr


  11. Guest22694293



  12. Guest22651089

    hi justin bieber what are u doing right now


  13. Guest22644992

    i lov u and im a big fan i hope i get to see you on bet tonight wish u good luck

  14. Guest22481268

    you are s**y

  15. Guest22442974

    hi justin. i very love you my name is anna i love you

  16. Guest22350366

    justin drew bieber ur fav colors purple u love hockey u were born in 3/1/94 see how much i know its because i love u and i want 2 sing 2 u i won awards

  17. Guest21692479
    4798562195 txt only
  18. Guest21496408
    omg i love u justin u r so hot
  19. Guest21496134
    hey justin bieber i just wont tew say hey cuz i really got something tew tell u and i cant tell no one else plz write me back fast!!!
  20. Guest21489652
    hey i love at night your i think justin beiber
  21. Guest21092969
    hi,justin bieber can you come to [211 cordele rd lot 58]on november3,1998 because i want to see you i wish you can come please boo,because i love you and please come to my party this year please,because i want to see you justin bieber,and i want you to sing your song baby for me.
  22. Guest20912690
    how can i chat with justin bieber???i m dying t chat with him or talk with him
  23. Guest20810122
    hey justin bieber i love you baby wat is you doin
  24. Guest20091674
    i love you justin bieber i want you call me my number phone 795-0858 ok please now please please you go noe ok and you go now please ok please now i am sad but where for you why yes here milry cyrus yes here i saw you not here why but you want and and please ok bye.
  25. Guest19260369
    Where is your sign in to zwinky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  26. Guest19158906
    i dont think so. it;s so awfull u know his msn or number or another thing and tell them to another people . i fell sorry for u . yes i love him n looking for his msn or email to chat but i'm sure i cant .justin i love u n good luck u can find me in :
  27. Guest19058385
    where can i talk to you privetly?
  28. Guest19058213
    hi is justin bieber there?
  29. Guest19001854
    i<3 him i just want to tlk to him or mabe have one word it can even be a letter something plzzz!!!!!!!!!!!:p
  30. Guest18326098
    Here is justin Bieber Number 1-404-665-3410 Your wlecome

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