How can i increase the alexa rank of my website

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How can i increase the alexa rank of my website? i have been trying to figure out what i can do to increase the alexa rank for my website. i have decent traffic but my alexa ranking shows lot less than what it should be.

What can i do to make sure it shows proper ranking and how can i increase this ranking in a legit way?

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  1. Huzefa Muhammad

    Using autosurf programs and putting up an alexa widget on your website does not really count as these techniques have been used previously and no results have been generated. Alexa ranking mainly depends on the amount of traffic that comes to your websites from a specific region which ultimately results in an improved alexa ranking of your website.

    Improving alexa ranking depends on the region in which you want to improve your websites rank, for example lets say you're a UK based website owner so if your website get good traffic from the uk region then this will definately improve you rankings in this region. Installing the alexa toolbar helps to some extent as when a user has an alexa toolbaar installed and he visits a certain website then the toolbar pings alexa that a certain user has gone to a certain website. If your website gets good traffic from a certain region, provided the users have installed alexa toolbaar, then this will surely help to increase your sites alexa rank.

    There are many website owners that are looking for ways to improve their alexa, so if you write a post about improving site's alexa then that might help you fetch some traffic from the search engines. Remember, improving alexa ranking takes time so if you rush in with different  autosurf programs or your doing seo of your site to get maximum traffic then your site may get penalized by the search engines. Goodluck..!


  2. The SEO Geek

    There are so many ways to increase alexa ranking, but I am going to tell you the top ten effective tips to increase your alexa ranking.

    1. Get started with the Alexa by installing the provided toolbar and set your website as its homepage.You may also check Free SEO Tools List and SEO’s addons for alexa and google ranks .
    2. Put the Alexa Rank Widget on your website. This will bring in all the visitors you have dreamt of.
    3. Encourage use of Alexa Ranking to your friends to boost your website’s popularity as well as theirs.
    4. Start blogging about the Alexa Ranking to get the developers aware that you’re satisfied.
    5. Keep your URL visible to Webmasters. This way they can tag you.
    6. Pay-per-Click Campaigns are good to increase your traffic so buy advertisements from Google AdWords, ABC Search, 7Search or MIVA to name a few.
    7. If you have a popular entry make sure to add an Alexa Widget so it could better keep track of the movement of traffic there.
    8. Banner ads and links should also be acquired from forums and websites of Webmasters.
    9. Utilize the powers of MySpace.
    10. For very new websites, use Alexa auto-Surfs like Surf Sieve to give you a boost on your traffic.
  3. swords

     SEO offsite work will help you to increase your alexa rank

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