How can i enable audio in safe mode with windows vista?

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My hard disk crashed and i am only able to join in windows safe mode. I wish for a step to step direction as to how i can enable sound. Due to my location right now i can't go fix my pc but this is the second time this has happened to me and i know it can be done since i some way i did it in the past but don't remember how. I know about the basic factions of safe mode is meant to work with the minimum operation drivers. Plz answer me if u know how. Very appriciated if u could sent me an answer on how to.

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  1. Sash

     When you boot the computer in safe mode most of the services would be disabled automatically. By default audio service will be disabled in safe mode and this is by design. There is no way you can enable the audio service or hear sound when you boot the computer in safe mode.

    You may boot your computer in normal mode and check if you can find Windows Audio service in services windows.Check the sound card and audio settings once you are logged in the normal window's mode.

  2. Guest22574844

     Don't listen to Dealazer, he must be lying. The file he is linking can only be some hidden malicious software he wishes to use against people who don't know better.

  3. Guest19486114
    dis nuh werk ute
  4. Guest15537956
    where do i put the file men?
  5. Guest12607758
    where do i put this file because i did it before and it worked but now i tried i've stopped getting sound
  6. Dealazer
    Yes I solved the problem, and added a link to a file for you to do a work with the soundsolution on windows, cause I only have windows 7 so I made it for it, but it is possible to edit the reg file and do it on vista and xp to :) <-- download it directly <-- download it directly if above does not work For people stealing my work, don't do that, credit me, cause many people ask about this each day so let me have the gratitude to have done this ;) check out anyway my music at cause I like music and I wanted to listen to music in Safe-Mode Peace Dealazer

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