How can i avoid 6 month labour ban in uae

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How can i avoid 6 month labour ban in uae. i am working in uae in last 5 months( unlimitted contact). i want to change my job. if i change my job now then how i can avoid ban? if i pay any fees then i can avoid the ban? if i get mission mission visa then NOC need ? i cant ge NOC from my present employer..

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  1. Guest27872211

    I am working in an international consulting company as a Engineer received a total compensation of 15,000AED including allowances im in a unlimtted contract. Our project is in Iran but due to economic crisis of Iran the client Terminate the contract with my company as a result i was also terminated from my job in my 4th months only. My situation now is that the company did not cancelled my visa and allow me to stay and look for another job but i worried about the automatic ban imposed by ministry of labor because i did not complete 2 years which in my case not my fault. I ask my company about this issue and they are saying they are willing to provide the NOC and they also advice me that the ban can be void by the employer that will hire me by paying some amount to MOL when applying for my new visa, Is this true? or is there anyway i can avoid the labor ban just in case i find a new employer in u.a.e. Please advice because i am desperately looking for answer to this matter. THANKS IN ADVANCE

  2. Guest27867378

    Hi there, I worked in a pvt shop for two years then was layed off by the employer, then I worked in a super market for a month , then again layed off . Eventually got a ban for six months now I am back to Pakistan . Is there any way I can get waiver or any solution so I can come back to uae for work before SIX months .

    Kindly tell me some Solution so I can come and work again I am not a rich person cant afford big fines.

    thanks a lot if get the answer.



  3. Guest26695866

     hi sir im nimal im wrking 1n of the clening company. mine 3 years limited salary 1000dhs. already i finished 2years 6 months.nw i gave the resignation later , they wil cancel my visa, they put one year ban & i want to pay 45 days salary, r8 now i got new job offer that.s y i want 2 leave from here pls help me

  4. Guest24537989

    Hello Please help me and provide me information regarding this issue.

    I am working for a hotel in Dubai but i recently joined this job. I arrieved in Dubai 2 weeks ago. i didnt go for madical so far and my visa is not stamped on passport. I got a very good offer from another company , better position and better salary.  I just want to know will there be a ban if i leave my current job? I really want to change . Please reply ..



    Best Regards


  5. Guest22500486

     hi... i left dubai last may 2010 and did not went back. i have work for 11 months on my job, i did not resign. how can i know if i have a ban in labour and how long will it be?

  6. Guest22392732

    dear sir,i had just finished my 3 years contract last dec.16,2010 from my present employer, i want to know if i still have a ban  for 6 month, do i need to go back to my country? I don't want to go home because i want to get new job.thanks.

  7. Guest22184155

    Dear Sir I have been working in a private company since 6 monts with labour card under husband sponsorship. As I am not getting salary in time and company having financial problem, I would like to change my job.  Company is not willing to provide me a NOC.  Is impose me any labour bann if I am changing my job under above circumstances. 



  8. Guest21058768
    i have also the same issue..i really want to get out of my recent company....but i dont want to go home..i want to find another it possible to pay for that ban??because my company will never give noc.
  9. Guest20703369
    My husband is changing his job as a teacher from Dubai to Sharjah.Me and my 5 kids(studying ) are on his sponsor ship,He has worked with his previous employment for 13 years.His visa is to be expired in Dec. 2010.He has given ginen two month notice in June and been serving in administration during summer break.would he get a ban ? After cancellation what would become of his family? School is not ready to give NOC. How new visa be given to him???
  10. Guest18888782
    You can not avoid it unless you have NOC from the previous employer. Nor you can come on 30 days visit visa for 6 months and work.There is time gap of 30 days between each visit visa. But is is possible to work with labour card during the ban period of 5 months with some cost. (after cancellation you have 29 days grace.) For Advice on legally to work mail to with details
  11. Guest18888782
    There is 6 months ban if you are not having NOC. This ban can not be lifted by paying fine. You can not work on visit visa for 6 months because now visit visa is only for 30 days and can not be extended. Also there should be gap of 30 days between two visit visas. But legally you can work with out ban but it will cost you. For help mail mention all details
  12. Guest18722127
    iam working in a company for last 3years and labor card is expiring on june 12 2010.and i dont want to renew it.let me know did i get ban,if yes how many months?and how much i have to pay?and what is the other option for no labor ban?
  13. Guest17786714
    dear sir, i am working with a contrating company as male nurse since 18 months,now i look to change my job from that company to other contract is for 3 year.i would like to know wether if the employer dose not provide NOC how can i avoide my 6 months ban from the imiggration department?i looking forward to get a answer soon...
  14. Guest17754982
  15. Guest16653271
    hi everybody! i am very new to this page and i really don't know how to go through but my only question is that i am banned on uae due to some illegal activity (i was taking goods from one city to another while i had no permission from the govt) so, plz could someone guide me if its possible to lift the ban legally or through wasta? thnx...
  16. Achus
    NOC is a must for your job change or else you will be banned for 6 months and your new employer can only apply for another employment visa after the ban period is over. You must obtain NOC from the employer if you are intent to work in emirates, in your case if the employer is not willing to issue an NOC so Getting a job in freezone, governement and semi-government companies is the only option.
  17. Guest15509989
    this ban is so confusing and people talks in differrent views, all I know is you can lift the 6 mo. ban. My question is where you will pay the ban in your previous employer or to the emigration?
  18. Guest14720317
    i can help you to remove the ban without NOC just send all your information to my Email and i will tell you what to do my Email is
  19. Guest14678362
    Since you don't show the date and time that these entries were actually posted, how can ANY information on this site be of any use whatsoever?
  20. Guest14080677
    Dear Guest, Do you really know how to get out of this 6 months ban issue?? I'm also facing the same situation. What's ur fee?? Pls do let me know in detail to Rgds / Jyothi
  21. Guest14080677
    Dear Guest, Do you really know how to get out of this 6 months ban issue?? I'm also facing the same situation. What's ur fee?? Pls do let me know in detail to Rgds / Jyothi
  22. Guest12931128
    i want to change my present job and shift to new company, and my company is not giving NOC. HOW CAN I AVIOD 6 MONTHS BAN?
  23. Guest11703779
    Actualy i have a big problem and i don't know how to solve it, first i was working in a travel agency in Dubai for about 7month and many problems happened in the office ,shortly the owner run away with all money, and then the office is going to be closed and my visa is cancelled i got 6 month ban so the ministry of labour is asking me to pay the 5000 dhs to remove my ban, so why i've to pay that amount , it's not my fault this is my office fault, and even i don't have that amount, so pls if somebody has a solution for that matter pls informe me coz i'm really in a very bad situation and i don't know how to do. THANKS
  24. Guest10676863
    dear sir if you want to remove labour ban and you dont have NOC i can do it for you just send me your detail and i will tell you how much it will cost and i will not take any money tell i finish the work and this is my Emai.

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