How can I write Ellen DeGeneres?

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I want to write a letter for Ellen DeGeneres to show her my feelings about her. Does anyone know how to write her.

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  1. Guest22861237

    Ellen helps heterosexual couples all the time.  We as Lesbians get no representation especially if you don't have children you keep paying for everyone else. Tired of celebrating heteros having s*x and getting rewarded for it. We can't even get married worked was assaulted central brain concousion for being g*y and also life partner stage 4 cancer.  We fed everybody supported all groups not related to our plight, when  well also paid over and over for people whom have more than you. wedding aniversaries etc. it never ends.  Ellen also address why you help people with homes never did I see you help lesbians renting and needing to move and are sick.  Please represent Please Need to move and landlord in 2 family keeps raising us on social security and ssi.  Before getting ill we both broke our back literally and don't have the money to show for it medical and rent and my dog is like my child.

  2. John

    You can send email to Ellen DeGeneres from her official webpage. Just Visit

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