How can I show my Alexa ranking to my site’s users?

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I saw some site doing it and it looks good to display your Alexa stats on your website. I, however don’t know how to do this. Would someone please, help me?

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  1. Danial

    You are very right, many websites are doing it and it is actually helping in many ways, i.e. improving oyur Alexa ranking, showing website credibility to users, and also engaging them in providing feedback for the site. But before placing any widget it is important to find the appropriate widget, the one that is looking good to you only might not be good from users perspective. Here I am telling you which one to use when:
    Use Alexa Site Stats Button or Alexa Traffic Rank Button if it is a blog or a static B2C site. I would recommend using the first one as it is much detailed in same space and yes use the smallest one because the larger ones look more empty. With smaller one you can have more space to add something more on site.
    Put an Alexa Traffic History Graph in your site if it is a B2B website, web or blog directory or in case you want to show your ranking in comparison to your competitors.
    And yes, I would highly recommend using review widgets from here Ask your users to provide feedback and it will help boosting your ranking!

  2. SEO Expert
    Alexa offers widgets to put on your website. There are several different layouts at: Find the appropriate one and embed it in your pages.

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