How can I meet Justin Bieber in real person?

by Guest13391197  |  11 years ago

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How can I meet Justin Bieber in real person?

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  1. Guest28304449

     Hi my name is faith  .I want to go see in real life my can unfortunate it .I really like Justin but I just a fostered kid I can go to see you play. I love Justin 

    From faith amber felix๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ’˜๐Ÿ’˜



  2. Guest28109979

     can i meet him


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  6. Guest28045626

     i love justin he is my dream groom i love you i am your biggest fan every day i dream about you and it makes me cry i want to meet you in person


  7. Guest27917682

    How can I meet JUSTIN BIEBER in person?



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  10. KellyyAnn

    U can meet him many ways by following him on tiwtter and see where he is and just go out to meet him sometime and maybe you will be that lucky fan that he gives an autograph to and has a picture with ~Never Say Never

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  14. Guest24777183

    Enter into contests (my friend did and then she won tickets and got to take a pic with him). OR you could sign up for: do offers and earn points to redeem for custom orders to get tickets on ebay or amazon

  15. Guest23632535

    justin Ilove you you are so cute

  16. Guest23340528

    listen jb if ur reading this then continue there r alot of people out there that u inspire i am one of them i have tried and tried to meet u but it never happened im 17 and i love u because ur u u dont hide ur identity by coming up with a fake name i love that u care about ur fans half of ur fans arent right 4 u people call me freak werido and say in ur dreams but some day it will happen and i love u justin bieber i dont really understand wut kind of pressure ur under but i can tell u this u r the best pop singer dont let anyone put u down not even selena gomez if she wants u to quit say no ur in control of ur life she isnt I LOVE U JUSTIN BIEBER

  17. Guest23318197

    You can always go to a concert and see if you get pulled up on stage and if u do make sure u hva e yur phone # on sum paper and give it to him!

  18. Guest23249287

     Hey idk who will b reading this but if it is justin i just want to say:

    i think it is amazing how you started posting videos on youtube for your family to see and then the next thing you knew Usher wants to sign you! Lots of girls are like OMG ITS JUSTIN BIEBER. IM IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!  But I realize that you are just another person just like everyone else. and that sometimes its hard with your parents split up and that you dont want a girl that wont stop screaming your name or that would die just for you to touch their hand at a concert. But someone that will suport you and care  about you. And i am a really big fan and i will always be trying to meet you even though with all the other girls that love you in the world that will probibly never happen. But i just want to say that you are an inspiration to sooo many peaople, girls and boys all over the world and now a lot more people are incouraged to do so much more than they ever dreamed of doing because of you. and now they can say "hey if this boy can become famous by posting videos on youtube not even trying to get attention and he can go out there and sing like that and follow his dreams then i can too!'' and also i want to say that you are so talented and your parents might be the most proud parents in the world to have a son as amazing as you. I used to be afraid of some things. Afraid to try. But now i know i can because you have showed me that i can do anything. When i grow up i really want to be a singer and actress. and i hope that if i ever do become famous that i would get the honor to be half as good as you. Or the privlege to maybe meet you. Thank you so much for inspiring each and every one of us. Because of you we will never say never!!! And justin is probiblly not reading this but if he is then i want to tell you that i probbily wont ever meet you but if you ever want to make my life long dream come true, contact me at    it would make my day to just hang out with you for a day. all my friends say that i am fun, funny, kind, compassionant, cheerful, helpful, caring, loving, and just fun to be around and hang out with. now dont get me wrong. I am not trying to brag here or anything im just trying to say that i thing if we met, we could be really good friends. Now before i end this super long letter-type-thing (i dont think anyone has ever sent you a letter this long), I just want to say this one last thing.  Thank so much for all you have done and all the inspiration you have given. Please never stop what you are doing. You are so gifted and talented and you can do so much. Always praise God in everything you do and use the gifts He gave you for His glory. And just keep up the hard work and never give up because that is how you got where you are now. You're doin' great!

                                                                                                                                     God bless,

                                                                                             (your number one fan) Sarah Gibert

  19. Guest23137051

    maybe on google

  20. Guest23129369

    hi justin bieber i am maybe like your only boy fan i think never say never is so inspiring thank you for inspiring me in music and the world and that i can do anything as long as i NEVER SAY NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  21. Guest23129212

    Omg!!! Once I really got annoyed with everyone talking about him, and now everone's getting annoyed with ME talking about JB <3 I could cry my eyes out 2 meet JB but I know I never will. Keep dreaming untill your dreams finally come.

  22. Guest22966285

    Hey If You Do Read These Jb I Want You to Know That Im Probably obsessed With You...... Not Joking. If You Ever WAnt To Make My Day Contact Me At Thnx!!!

  23. Guest22915891

    I LLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEE JB i went to go see him in concert (it was fab) i was SOOOO  jelous of the 1 last lonely girl and i REALLY want to see him in person But How ??????????  ?????????? :(

  24. Guest22895548

     I would say,

    Justin you are such an awesome teenager and role model, it's awesome that you went from a you tube hit to a nation wide pop star. I've always wanted to meet you because you are my insperation to sing and write my own songs

    I love you Justin Bieber <3

    If you want to here more check out my website: 

    Thanx oh also u should post on my blog as well :)

  25. Guest22895369

    i know how to meet justin bieber go on you sing up then u become a menber then soon if u go on if ev ery day u will get a chagen 2 meet him + sorry i can not spell right im 13 i should now how 2 spell right is bad i know lol =)

     p.s plz read this thank u so much love ui all so much

    from shannon mcmenamin

  26. Mitchel

    These days, almost every young girl and boy wants to meet Justin Bieber, but all tend to forget this fact, that its not easy to meet, someone of Bieber's stature. As, he is not only famous but also very busy. It's not possible for him to meet his fans in person. You can attend his concerts and if you happen to be lucky, you can have his autograph, or shake hands with him.

  27. Guest22777136

    hey justin... i am a huge fan!!! i live in toronto, ontario... which is like an hour away from stratford!! it is my dream in life 2 meet u and some day i will... if u somehow ever read this PLZZZZ email me at!!!! that would b amazing... THANK U SOOOOO MUCH!!!

    luv stephanie... <3 <3 <3 <3

  28. Guest22776247

    hope you getheya justin : since the begin i have always loved you  / it is just you are soo cute and such a nice person i have like everythink of you i have your book cd's hoodie posters i might be getting a case for my bb of you i just loveyouu x all my family go mad i play your cd all the time and when i say all the time i mean all the time! x i would love to meet you but the thing is i live in birmingham and you dont live here but if i hafto fly over to america to se you i would i hope you get this messgae MUCH LOVEE X


    P.S  my name is leah and i am 13 xxxx

  29. Guest22775634

    I know how you all can meet him! Go to and sign up- The official Justin Bieber fan website. You get exclusive photos,the latest news and you can enter contests to win meet and greets at his show

  30. Guest22775265

    hi justin if your reading wont be reading this but if you are ...coollll!(-:your so luky that you are famous.i want to be famous 1 day bu fast!i will be seeing you in the 02!(in ireland)i am name is nadia i am 12 almost 13.i really wanna talk to you in of my friends has met you!how cool!could you please reply thanks x.(i would like to be a singer and an actress)i saw ur movie!and i saw you on csi!!i love the haircut(-;


  31. Guest22834513

    Join cos they have got a competition where you can meet him,  its a mint fanclub too, you should definately join and get lots of stuff for only members.

  32. Guest22790473

    hey  justin    i love  your  songs  but  get  a  hair   cut  and  then  you  will  look  cutter :)

  33. Guest22786118

    Heyy justn, I just watched a youtube video of you and you said you would love to go in a hot air balloon, I am 11 years old and I am determand to. and guest13720748 you can tell that is a lie because a a thing is going round saying justin IS DATING SELENA GOMEZ!!!

  34. Guest22734737

    OMG JUSTIN I LOVE U!!!!!!!<3<3<3<3... I live in dayton New jersey.. im 12 years old and obsesed with u i really want to meet u but we all no that its never going to happen. I just saw you movie and it was AMAZING!!!!! i really felt like i was at ur concerts and backstage with u. I will try so hard to meet u... i will NEVER SAY NEVER... <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 I LOVE U!!!!!!

    (Email me at

    P.S. justin please email me please

  35. Guest22724163

     Hey Justin, 

          I saw Never say Never and that was the most inspiring movie ever! You are so talented and I am a HUGE fan! <3 I love you! So I hope in 2011 you will get to tour everywhere! I really want to go to your concert but your not touring where i am at !! I love youu JUSTIN! :)


  36. Guest22724136


    Hey Justin, my name is Ashlyn Montgomery...i live in Indiana in a town called Lebanon Which youve probably never heard of lol. Anyways ive been saving money and everything to somehow meet you, like buying backstage passes or something...but i just would truly love to meet you and see you...and im going to somehow some way. Im not asking fo help your supper busy and i wouldnt want to bother you so im just going to keep trying really hard to make this dream come true. So whether you ended up liking me or not, in the end at least i know i tried. Thats what really matters. Thank you and i do hope you took the time to read this. Im not weird or a freak, im a normal teenage age girl who is super busy in sports but i just really feel something there, and you dont even know my name, but you will. thanks.


  37. Guest22715042

    Hey Justin,

    Its funny how people say you cant go to concert in there certain places but me and my family live in Las Cruces, NM nd we look up to you so bad that we hear your songs know the words and the dance moves. I have a cousin who is disabled and she cries alll the time everytime we tell her that your not her boy friend. It would be insanely cool if you could come to Cruces and meet my family exspecially my cousin. I am not like the other girls to be honest that are in  love with you. I dont fall in love with strangers and i am not gonna start now well im a th grader and my lil cousin is in kinder shes 6 and has the mind of a 1 year old she cant crawl or walk so please try to get ahold of me on my email.

    Love, Alexus                        Email:

  38. Guest22709861



    Sarah Nataly Evans :P

    (email me at

  39. Guest22704963

     Hi Justin a lot of people are super lucky to have met you. Your song pray really makes me cry because my uncle got his leg blown off in the army but he got a fake leg and he is still here today fighting for our wold. It sucks to know i will meet you even if i try. I really want to go to your concert But I don't know when you will come to Cincinatii, Ohio. i have never been to a concert before but there is a first time for everything right? I hope I will get to meet you someday and learn more about you but for now untill then keep writting songs and keep making movies and keep doing what you do to make us go wild!!

    I Love You Justin hanks for what you've done!

    -Ashley Clark

  40. Guest22694748

     Hi Justin a lot of people are super lucky to have met you.  It sucks to know i can never meet you even if i try.  When i was little and my dad died in the army by a road side bomb i was crushed then i dont know maybe a few months later my favorite grandpa died.Everything was happening to fast then as i was still crushed i had to move two times , finally my life was back on track still feeling sad, i met friends that loved music like i did then .... the day i was blessed with your voice  and being a fan of yours made me think of happy things and not about thinking "who am i going to dance with for daddy daughter dance at my wedding" but i thought about man  i can be his one  less lonley girl! and every since then i sit behind my computer screen reading amazing stories of how people get to meet you ! and i wish i could snap my fingers or pray that you would walk right up my stairs saying hey landry wanna go hang?i would die for that .......but for real come on thats not going to happen .......keep up ur great work and sorry for telling you my life story what seems like it !!!

    Your fan,


  41. Guest22690274

     i look up to justin because he made it this far and he gives us all hope:)

  42. Guest22685820

    i love justin bieber like if i  would  meet him i would  be sooooooo happy because sometimes i  just want to show someone  famous my siniging skills and i think  that if  i would sing to him i would have a shot in the muisc industres

                        my name is Taija

                                            Crawford if  justin reads this he

     can contact me at

  43. Guest22684776

    i always had wanted to meet justin beiber.i tried finding ticket but they''re not anywhere in my state

      if yiou know justin beiber or you are then email me at

                        will justin ever have a concert in Madison?

  44. Guest22679207

    I LOVE YOU JUSTIN BIEBER!!! Hi my name is Sarah and i am 12 years old me and my little sisters love you..... and they are 6 and 3!!! We have posters of you all over our walls and we have always wanted to meet you it is my lifetime dream i have all your songs on my ipod and music videos and i was wondering if maybe you could have a concert in maybe flordia or virginia or somewhere around there plz thx bye

    love your biggest fans Sarah, Meghan, and Kendra!!!!!

  45. Guest22674781

    hey everyone, ILOVEJUSTINBIEBER, and im going to his concert in perth,austalia and i have his autograph the photo is photocopyed but the signture isnt and if we find out it is we can sue the company and i would do anything to meet him im almost 15 and i own justin bieber DOLLS yes and to all haters out the he loves you 2 hahahaha

  46. Guest22656062

    hey im nicolette s. im 16 yearss oldd. i am a gymmnastt :)  can i meeet you?! its my legit dream. i cant find any tixkets for the movie in my area and tickets to a concert. it sucks! i love youuu so much and your songs are amazing. is their anyway you can come to longisland. i would do almost everything or anything to meet you! PLEASSEEE! <3 i love u

  47. Guest22639090

    who asked this stupid question?? i dont care wether u no him or not!


  48. Guest22639057

     Hi Justin 

    I was just wondering are you ever going to have a concert in Halifax because  I have been waiting for ever to see you in person I am a really big fan, and I like your music a lot my favorite song you wrote is I just need somebody to love. 


  49. Guest22634680

     hey justin,

    i'm 14, my name is sasha and my mom works with one of your dancers (anthony)'s mom so i have almost had the opportunity to meet you a few times. you are the most talented boy and are actually really funny. i met you once and it was the best day of my life but i only got to take a picture with you and they kicked me out. i at least want to know you and i wish you knew i existed or followed me on twitter. my twitter is jbinspirationxo. ive been to your movie filming at madison square garden and the meet and greet at the pre jungle ballshow-i gave you the poster with the huge jb letters with lyrics in the b and pictures in the j saying MARRY US?. i honestly don't just love you because you are famous, i know you want a girl to like you for who you really are and there is just everything about you that makes me want to meet you incredibly badly. you seem like such a fun person and my friends have met you many times and i wish i could be one of those people. i will be at the movie premiere at lincon square on february 9th and i dont think you will be there but i love you so much and you are an amazing person. please reply in any way, @jbinspirationxo or

  50. Guest22633148

     Hi Justin this is greenmonkey again i just wanted to tell you that my name is Maya and i wanted to ask if  r gonna have another concert in California                   

    Email me at

  51. Guest22632748

     Hey Justin Bieber I'm 12 years old and I live in Burlington Ontario I love you so much I am your biggest fan I love everything about you I would love the chance to get to now you and hang out a bit ,you are actually the most awesomest person alive please write back it would be so much fun to meet you

    love your biggest fan  Kathleen


  52. Guest22615083

    hey justin , 

    your music is my life & i would love to meet you some day it would be amazing<3 

  53. Guest22604861

    whatever dude ur not his girlfriend ur a person who sucks at saying ur dating him we all no who he is dating soooo get a life and justin is cute and s**y yes but you could never date him sooooo anyway i love you justin and i WISH i was dating u

  54. Guest22604062

     dear jb im 10 years old and i live in toronto ontario im your biggest fan i hope you are reading this bye

  55. Guest22596633

     i love justin bieber i wish i could meet him if you see this contact me at my e-mail 



    can i meet you?

  56. Guest22593710

     hey justin my name is amanda and i would really love to meet you. i am really sweet and funny. if you want to meet then email me at

  57. Guest22587301

    I wish I could meet Justin Bieber!!!!!!  I'm 10 years of age. I live in Chicago. And I'm Justin Bieber's #1 super fan

  58. Guest22580875

    There is contsest and you should go on youtube and see

  59. Guest22574344

    to Justin,

    I LOVE YOU JUSTIN!! i wish your readin' this, i wish i could go to indonesia (to my own country) and tryin to meet you ! =( but my daddy says i cant go becoz the ticket was too expensive. =( i wish i met you justin,i love everything about you!

    to haters,

    hey stop make me cry about this, i hate the person that hate my biggest fan. please! one thing i should say 'LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!'i love him like how i love a boy in my class,and i give everything i want to him. so he can understand me, so please CRAZY HATERS, DONT BE ARROGANT WITH HIM (JB)he is my life,i cant live without him!! SHUT UP AND DONT TaLK ABOUT THIS CRAZY THINGS!!

    to all,

    i know i am not an actress/singer i just need somebody to make me as a singer! cause i worked hard to make my own voice like this! i need help. add me in facebook: Annisa Olivia Savitry. i am 10 in half. i need somebody to make me famous here and i LOVE my biggest fans!! please,i saw much videos meeting Justin,in her/his own house =( please, dont make me sad =(

    Thank You <3

  60. Guest22551548

     Hi this is green monkey i would never say none of us will meet Justin Bieber everyone in my shcool laughs at anyone who likes JB but i know they r just jelous. Dont worry Justin your fans will never let u down 

  61. Guest22539264

     hey Justin i am a huge fan and i saw 1 of your concerts in like the end of 2009 or the begining of 2010 in universal city walk and me and my bff really want 2 meet u

    ps: I am not a crazed fan that would scream if i saw you i just want to meet you really badly but i dont know How

    pps: I am almost 12 years old

    soooo please respond my nickname is green monkey so bye hope you get this :p

  62. Guest22539264

     hey Justin i am a huge fan and i saw 1 of your concerts in like the end of 2009 or the begining of 2010 in universal city walk and me and my bff really want 2 meet u

    ps: I am not a crazed fan that would scream if i saw you i just want to meet you really badly but i dont know How

    pps: I am almost 12 years old

    soooo please respond my nickname is green monkey so bye hope you get this :p

  63. Guest22515847

    even though none of us have the chance to meet him unless were REALLY lucky, Never Say Never. i have all of his cds and i no all of his songs. everyone at my school makes fun of me for liking him, but i dont care... i went to his concert in Charrlote, N.C. and it was AMAZING!!! i didnt get front row, but i didnt care. i was just lucky to get to see him from like, 100 feet away!!! that was the best night of my life! and for all the haters out there who say he sounds like a girl, try listening to his song ONE TIME ACOUSTIC VERSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                     RANDOM 12 YEAR OLD


  64. Guest22515762

    ok then for all you hates out there that have written on this and have teased him... YOUR g*y!!! you only tease him because you are jelous of him.. you wouldnt waste your time teasing him if you didnt like him.. or your just jelous because he has talent and those who tease him dont have talent... you see what he has and you want it so ur teasing him so then you think hes gonna quit... WELL GUESS WHAT???? ITS NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!!!!!!! so stop teasing him other wise you will all hear from me again!!! LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!!!     oh and its alright becasue jelousy is a curse!!!! :)


    Justin bieber,

    You are the best singer in the whole world and my whole family just absolutly lobes you my big sister is 14 and she has millions of posters of you in her room so does my little sister emily aged 10... we are all crazy bout you and would love to meet you in person!!! We have something that my big sister has worked so very hard on for you to sign...


    It would be our dream to meet you... and we know from your new song pray.... that you have the biggest haert in the whole world!!!




    By Amber Maree Joyce-Simpson- (you can find me on facebook) <3 and for any haters .... add me on facebook and ill have a word with you... :)

  65. Guest22514835

    OMG. I am 9 years old, and I once went to a Justin Bieber Concert and I became obsessed with his music and him! I have posters of him everywhere in my room and I am dying to meet him! I wish that someday my dreams I have will come true, because last night, I had a dream I met you! I just want to meet you so bad, and hoping it would be free because I don't have much money when my Dad left me, and my Mom is trying so hard to work everything out, and she might make things up to me if I am able to meet Justin! Please type me back, Justin!


  66. Guest22502562

    hi my name is nessa i love your music i am a sweet girl i would like to meet you in person for my 12th Birthday that would be an  oner to meet the nicest 17 year old for my 12th b-day please send back justin

  67. Guest22471412

    i just want to say that i love justin bieber and that he is my rolemodel he has inspired me to try to become a famous singer and if i could meet justin bieber that would probly make my life not my day my life i have neverbeen to justin  bieber concerts every and anytie i  bring it  to my mom to take me to one of his concerts she says that she can't and that she wishes that she could its because my family is kind of pour so i have to just keep on dreaming because i probly wont get to go one of his concerts and if  i do i would b so happy!!!! :) 

  68. Guest22469261

    If you get backstage passes at one of his CONCERTS!!!

  69. Guest22469261

    If you get backstage passes at one of his CONCERTS!!!

  70. Guest22467872

    Hi justin my name is shyleania shive i am a big fan. i love the ur song this should be me.and im 15.

  71. Guest22465380

    guys justin bieber is not 51 like he could not do all of those moves and it is just a fake thing that is on youtube it is a man making it up trying to get girls to hate him so next time you see that video then subscribe and say no that is fake justin bieber is not 51 he is like almost 17 now . the girl that said that they ask her to say that so do not believe it it makes me sick when people tell me that he is 51 and he is not g*y he is not i tell you not he is the most nicest person in the wourld well not the nicest but close love : chelsey <3

  72. Guest22461859

    Hey my name is kayla i have 4 brothers and 1 sister. evey day it is almost the same thing i have to be in my bed room a lot. I just wish that i could meet justin bieber in person because he is soooooooooooo  hot and i never see my sister because she is in collage. If I could meet justin bieber in person then i whould take my friend with me to meet him. But the worse part for my friend Kaylee and myself Kayla is that we whant to go to all of justin bieber concerts but we can't because are family don't have the mony. but we are really sad and we will do anything to go to his concerts and to meet him in really life and he is really cute.


  73. Guest22457693

    he is so cut

  74. Guest22448362

    Ok fr all the haters out ther... u suk!!! and fr all the lovers out ther (LIKE MI) UR AWESOME!!!!! im one of the lovers and will b one of the lovers till he dies (probably still then). Justin has the most amazing voice ever! All of his songs r amazing and everything about him is amazing! Most of the lovrs love him fr what he is (famous) but i love him fr who he is. I mean how could he get better hes a 16 year old guy doing it all on his own and never stops 2 take a break... he loves what hes doin and i think should stick with it cuz hes good at it. 

    I love him more than anyone can think. and heres how im gunna prove it : so i got mi birthday present 3 dayz ago and i opened it and started bawling (really hard) guess what it was; it was a magazine all about JBiebs. I also got all of his CD's and cried 2 and i have mi room filled with posters and more on the floor cuz i cant hang dum up... every time i look at mi room i cry! (its kinda desperate and kreprish but that how much i luv him and i luv him even more than dat)!!!!!! (:

    i wish i could acctually meet him some day but im not famous and he is so that NEVER gunna happen (and ya i no his song says Never Say Never, but it was a really good reason so ther u go)


    Soule D.

    P.S. if u (justin) ever read this dont think im a stalker r a krepr i just luv ya a lot!!!!!!!!! (:

    P.P.S. i think u guys should comment of this! (:

    P.P.P.S. nobody is his wife, baby, babe, gurl, gurlfriend, etc. He get 2 pick that! o and im a gurl btw.

  75. Guest22446747

    Hi justin,

    im 14 years old and i love u sooooo much im ur biggest fan i have cancer and i would love to meet u befor i have surgey i love justin and dont listen to all the haters out there their just mad because u have an amazing voice and mostly all thegirls love u soo ckeep doing wat u do best and be ur self. I love u jb!!!!! <3 <3


  76. Guest22415724


  77. Guest22407208

    justin bieber,

    u are gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    and u are fake u are 51 years old and u are very ugly and u are the biggest lier in the world

    u said in the song pray u said that u cant sleep 2 night of the things that is goin on in the world

    from your haterssss


  78. Guest22407208

    justin bieber,

    u are gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    and u are fake u are 51 years old and u are very ugly and u are the biggest lier in the world

    u said in the song pray u said that u cant sleep 2 night of the things that is goin on in the world

    from your haterssss


  79. Guest22406420

    hey i wish i could meet justin bieber i really really well infenaty lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve justin bieber me and my couzin more than any of you guys by the way hes single but if he reads this i went to his concert in tx he waas amazingf so i just wiiiiiiisssssh i could meett him i just want to become a freind

  80. Guest22406181

    hi Justin! i am your biggest fan i have been trying for so long to win contests to meet you but i never win.i really really really really really wish i could meet you in person. Evey time i think about you or see you i cry because i wish i would have the honor to meet you and just give you a hug. I have dreams about meeting you EVERY NIGHT! I love you so much and i really hope you will read this and i hope at some point in my life i will get to meet you!!!!!! Love, Jenna

  81. Guest22401844

    you are lyinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!

  82. Guest22400539

    yeaah girl you wish ;) , 
    justin bieber is a person who is taken avantage of girls hearts  ,

    so all you guys girls stop messing around with our hearts its not a d**k so stop playing with it :!

  83. Guest22399547

     i really dnt noe y im writin this because out of all of them im just a speak of dust ... well literally at first i was lyk who is this boy , i dnt lyk hym , but then i heared the way u sang ur song with happiness nd passion , nd i whould lyk 2 meet u , (p.s im not those fans tht when u tlk to them they just freak) lol , i just made my self laugh . well i whould love 2 meet u , not the "popstar" just justin 


  84. Guest22395984

    hey justin i really want to meet u in person evrybody is like you will never meet him your to ugly to go out with him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it makes me really said so email me if u can i will understand if u cant but here is my email


  85. Guest22394534

    Hi justin

    i am your biggest biggest biggest fan. whenever i think about you i cry and wish that i could meet you in person. well i also want to be a singer. i am realy good. i am the singer of my whole family. on my moms and dads side. i love your music and i love you. my name is brynn. (pronounced bren.) i thought you could help me become a singer. i live in courpus christi TX. 78418. P.S im 10 years old.

  86. Guest22394534

    Hi justin

    i am your biggest biggest biggest fan. whenever i think about you i cry and wish that i could meet you in person. well i also want to be a singer. i am realy good. i am the singer of my whole family. on my moms and dads side. i love your music and i love you. my name is brynn. (pronounced bren.) i thought you could help me become a singer. i live in courpus christi TX. 78418. P.S im 10 years old.

  87. Guest22394534

    Hi justin

    i am your biggest biggest biggest fan. whenever i think about you i cry and wish that i could meet you in person. well i also want to be a singer. i am realy good. i am the singer of my whole family. my moms and dads side. i love your music and i love you. my name is brynn. (pronounced bren.) i thought you could help me become a singer. i live in courpus christi TX. 78418. P.S im 10 years old.

  88. Guest22379399

    Hi justin bieber I am telisha ramsay and I was wondering if I can meet you in person and I am not just saying this I really love you and I am 10 years old and I also love your music

  89. Guest22370567

    heyy justin, OMG i love your music i am 12 and i was at your concert in NC i loved it i would love to be you girlfriend i love u so much i am your biggest fan ever i have all the shirts and more you r my fav. singer in the WORLD!!!    ~~~~~~~~~~ 

    I LOVE U JUSTIN BIEBER           U SMILE         I SMILE  :)     <3    




         P.S MY NAME IS LEAH AND I LOVE U             

  90. Guest22356678

    Hi Justin:

    I am a mother of a 8 year old girl that adores you and your music, my daughter is being thru alot, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and for the past couple of years, she has been my nurse and thank I am much better now, but really I can not afford to go to one of your concerts.

    Please help me

    Alma Guzman


  91. Guest22338141

    hi justin my name is chelsey i just want to know is it true about you and jasmine villigas dateing really want to meet you in person  i love you your music to and i am pretty good at singing to but i could never be as good as you nobody could and  i would just like to be friends with you i am not like a crazy fan or anything but i am the nuber 1 fan because i love your music so if you see this i would be so happy if you heard me sing and see if i am good and i am 9 years old and do not worry i do not sing anything umm a crazy singer

    love chelsey

  92. Guest22338141

    hi justin my name is chelsey i just want to know is it true about you and jasmine villigas dateing really want to meet you in person byeeee <3


    love chelsey

  93. Guest22333079

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! I  can not belive my eyes!!!!!!!!!! I love u Justin Bieber so much i wish i was living w/ u right now because i love u so much<3

    And i want to know if u can come see me plz i live in AZ my address is 

    16821W Falcon ln.  so that is were i live i am a huge fan i love all your song........... 

    Love~$ Jodie Baker ~$ 

  94. Guest22330009

    From Khari

    I Love your Music It's Really Great.

    TO Justin Bieber

  95. Guest22232599

    are you going to have a concert in the u.k ? <3

  96. Guest22196924

     i really want to meet justin bieber i am like so obbessed with his cuteness i love himmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :)

  97. Guest22196924

     it would be nice if i could see justin bieber i freaking love hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmm 

  98. Guest22195983

    so it would im like his #1 fan it would be cool to date him but im 9 and if i met would like him to help get a jo as a singer i am really good so if he sees this i would like him to do this faver and be my friend on face book


  99. Guest22170162

    look hes just another guy. yes his songs are good but even if he has fame and money dosen't mean his rich ( in a sence yea he has lots of money). good luck Justin.

  100. Guest22167748

     by me Jessica simpson

  101. Guest22167748

     by me Jessica simpson

  102. Guest22149384

    yeah right your not his girlfriend and you wish alot of people say tht on the internet


  103. Guest22122798

     I love Justin Bieber because I love him...........ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ?


  104. Guest22107142

    maybe you could sneak in so u could but that would be weird but my friend did it once she actually met jb oh how i wish i was her but guess what i am justin u guys probably thought i was another tipical fan lol

  105. Guest22099512

    well you are cute i have all your posters and yah

  106. Guest22018948

     Im a fan and my name is alexis J.B is cool.

  107. Guest22018948

     Im a fan and my name is alexis J.B is cool.

  108. Guest21973310

    i would love to tell you because i cryed just trying to meet him everyone tells me i will not meet him and there proble right but i gess my dreams will not come true anyday =[   =[   =[    =[



















    samantha holmes 7610 bretha

  109. Guest21917044

    OMG u r all obsessed i went to one of his concert yes it was awesome but i mean come on it would be a miracle if i or any of you meet him in real life i mean that is of course u have money which i dont so i am pretty much screwed but anyways i read these comments and more than half are about how cute he is i like him because he makes good music i like how he is real ya i mean he is cute and i am a fan but not obsessed i mean OMG calm down lol


  110. Guest21894542

    some of u guys r right but stop being crazy over him. guys just leave him alone. he is just a teenager hes just like everybody else, its not like he is the only living person on this earth. he is just a person. no matter how mch money or fame he has he is just a person like you and like me. girls just need to calm down about him and stop attacking him. and girls not one of you will ever get a chance to date him unless you win it or you are just lucky but that is a 1 in a million percent chance. JUST CALM DOWN!!!

    anyway good luck justin

  111. Guest21891011

    Ummm , Justin Bieber has a 2 year old sister .
    How the h**l would she be typing on this ? 

  112. Guest21881174

    Justin Bieber Is Homeschooled U Lier He Doesnt Go To School He Gets Schooled On His Tour Bus And Ur Not His Girl Friend U Fat Stupid Lier!


  113. Guest21837383

    hey people i am justins sis by the way he does not read thes things so and he is always bissy so stop tryin to bother him             hey this is justin listen to me sis

  114. Guest21779295


                                                            I LOVE YOU JUSTIN <3

                                                                      :)  ;) :) ;) ;)









  115. Guest21761280

    hello  d**n i think im on the wronq website . . . i was never really intrested in justin  or obsessed like these crazy girls . . . its just isnt hes just human ? if hes human ; same as us than why cant i be famous ; hes cute & adoreable . . . & i adore the way he moves . . i wouldnt mind a date ;; not like go out just talk ;

  116. Guest21752875

    I dreamed about meeting him more than once. If you see my room it is covered with pics of him it would be a dream come true to meet him. From Allyson and Rayah if Justin reads this our numbers are 985-515-7501 or 985-335-5273 how can i meet him?

  117. Guest21741569

    hey (JB)the call me lila i just wanted to say i think u cool im not one of them crazy fans im looking in to becoming a singer any tip hit me up by writting back


                                          PEACE ;)

  118. Guest21732118

    hey justin my name is the way...i wanna see you in personal and.....i cry because i wanna see you in personal im always sad..because i wanna see you....even you are busy please read this message you bye...


    Just a short message for you.... please reply my messgae thanks!!!



  119. Guest21722858

    hey justin bieber i wish i could meet you so bad i cant find any way to find you if you meet me you'll se that i'm prettier than you can imagine i'm just like an angle. So i think we will be able to meet. although i cant give you personinal information but i can say that i live in Maryland, Beltsville. Thats all i can really tell you, so just search my town knock on every door if you have to and also if you come to my house bring Jaden Smith and Willow Smith with you and i will be delited to meet you i just think that your one of the best singers on earth i mean there's more but your one of the best. i am going to get a poster of you for christmas this year pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssse answer this please.

  120. Guest21720775

     hey justin beiber i love so much well any way i dont want to give out my persanal information so i will just tell u my nickname vannesa.anywho u r on your world tour when u come to atlantic city i will go to your concert in november 19 2010 cant wait to c u by the way i have backstage passes i have 5 so am taking my cousin but then there still will be 1 left i dont know who to take by the way c u november nineteen two thousand ten 

    plsssssse read this mail very important


  121. Guest21718707

    this is my question is there any way that i can learn the dances of your song i just need somebody to love i would really like to learn them.P/S;i am the the best dancer at our school.