How can I match my skills for Australian immigration work visa?

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I have done Msc in computer science and 4 years experience of IT industry. Can someone tell me that how can I match my skills for Australian immigration work visa?

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  1. Australia Guide
    The Skill Matching Database helps match skilled people who have applied to migrate with skilled vacancies or skill shortages in Australia. The Skill Matching Database contains the educational, employment and work details of skilled migrants and includes many who are interested in living and working in regional Australia. The database is used by employers for employer sponsored migration categories as well as by State and Territory governments. To be included on the Skill Matching Database, applicants must have a valid application for one of the following visa categories: Skilled – Independent (Migrant) visa (subclass 175) Skilled – Sponsored (Migrant) visa (subclass 176) Skilled – Independent (Residence) visa (subclass 885) Skilled – Sponsored (Residence) visa (subclass 886) There is no application charge for applicant details to be listed on the Skill Matching Database. Applicants who have their details on the database are not guaranteed a job in Australia or migration application approval. Most visa applicants remain on the database until they arrive in Australia. The details of pooled applicants will remain on the database for a period of two years.

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