How can I join Motorway police of Pakistan?

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I’m passionate about joining Motorway Police of Pakistan, and want to know the whole procedure including basic requirements.

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  1. Guest28059391

    hi sir i am  mudassir ali khan driver in mepco HQ pl sir i course of motorway training of multan

  2. Guest28057145

      hello i completed the fsc in enjeenering and i want to job in motaraypolice.


  3. Guest23385844

    hi this is kamran ali channar from kandiaro, nausharo feroze sindh and i want to become a part of motor way police to serve my nation please sms me on 03337128228 or 03012382038


  4. Guest22721224

     Hi i like moterway police so i want to join if any post is arise plz only sms me on 03125252510 i done 

  5. Guest22492062

    Hello am Malik Farhad from have a Degree of MBA and want to join Motorway police.

  6. Guest22459811

    hi im Raheel Waris  from  Multan  i want to join moter way police my inter complete in computer > and my age w8ing bye  my E_Mail adress is ( byeeeeee

  7. Guest22432582

     hi im noman 4rm gujranwala cantt i want to join moter way police my inter  complete in comerce > and  my age 19 >.my father retaird  pak army so im w8ing  bye c .k my ( byeeeeee

  8. Guest22425925

     i complete the fsc and i need to join motarwaypolice.kindly reply this email

  9. Guest22425925

     hello i completed the fsc in  enjeenering and i want to job in motaraypolice

  10. Guest22421145

    Hi, I want to join the Motorway Police of pakistan as petroling officer.  I have beachlor degree in Commerce.

  11. Guest22405195

     helo sir i hv done my fsc i need a job in moterway police//

  12. Guest22386993

    duities and rank of Junior petrol officer.

  13. Guest22386791

     salaam good morning i wanna to join motor way police officer

  14. Guest22386791

     salaam good morning i wanna to join motor way police officer

  15. Guest22359802

    malik shahzad

  16. Guest21587301

    But Paper hardly announce good vacancies :S

  17. Guest21120618
    sir i passed inter in commerce i want to join moterway police please guade me
  18. Guest20266869
    sir i want job in motorway police.i have inter in commerce and united arab emirates driving licence. my age is 23 years.
  19. Guest19292244
    Hi there , its not very difficultto become a part of this great force which has earned a good name for the country due to its service oriented nature and corruptoon free atmosphere . As soon u know the vacancies annuncement in papers u may file an application if u fulfill the required things mean education , physical fitness etc. u will be called for p. test first then a written test of 100 marks will be taken then u will have to go through an interview. if u pass these three steps u may be a part of the motorway police . u will have to serve anywhere in pakistan. difficult any how take care and bye
  20. Ali Abdullah
    Hi There, the way to join motorway police is as simple as in other departments os pakistan . whenever the govt announces vacancies in newspapers, one can apply against his qualification. the recruitment bases on three steps one.. physical test ( one mile running for male an one mile brisk walk for females. secondly written test which comprises of one paper including english and general knowledge questions. thirdly the interview . one who passes all the steps becomes a part of the great deptt. the one and only agence which is corrution free and which earned its name due to its services .

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