How can I get my bills paid from an authorized easypaisa agent?

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I heard about Easy Paisa bill payment service, how can I pay bill through this service of Easy Paisa.

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    Paying your utility bill through easypaisa bill payment is very easy. •Bring your utility bill and the required amount of cash to any of our easypaisa outlets. •Ask the retailer/shop keeper to pay your utility bill through easypaisa bill payment service. •If you use any mobile service, give the retailer your mobile number to receive a confirmation SMS. •On completion of the payment, collect the stamped bill, which carries the transaction ID and Agent ID. •If you have a mobile phone, don't forget to check that you have received a confirmation message. •If you do not have a mobile phone, check the confirmation message on the mobile phone of the easypaisa agent. essage.

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