How can I get GPRS activated on my Mobilink number?

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I want to activate GPRS on my mobilink number but do not know about its procedure. Can someone tells me that how can I get GPRS activated on my Mobilink number?

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  1. ISP Expert
    a. You can get GPRS activated by calling Customer Services at 111 or visiting your nearest Customer Services Center/Franchise Center. b. Wait up to 2-3 days before GPRS is activated on your phone. c. You will also have to configure your handset for GPRS. This can be done in the following ways: Receiving the settings from Customer Services when you call them for activation by giving them the name of the vendor and model of the handset. If you do not know which phone vendor or model you have simply provide the first eight digits of your IMEI number and the Customer Services Representative will identify your handset. IMEI number can be found out by typing *#06# on our handset.

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