How can I convert a PDF file to a word document? The PDF came from my scanner.

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How can I convert a PDF file to a word document? The PDF came from my scanner.

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  1. Guest24242367

     With this PDF Converter, you can easily edit PDF files in fully-formatted Word documents, or reorganize PDF tables in accurate Excel spreadsheets, or present PDF contents to the public in dynamic PowerPoint presentations, or publish PDF contents on the web.


  2. wladicus
    If you scanned only a picture into a PDF document, then the method I described in my previous post works beautifully. However, if you do not want to do the same with scanned text then try this other way: PDFZilla seems to do a decent job converting PDF documents to MS Word Format. After the conversion you can change the font type and size if the one used by the software does not appeal to you. Sometimes font type/size has to be changed to may text fit properly. Overall, I like it. There is a free version and a retail version you can download from: =joy=
  3. wladicus
    The following steps worked for me. I hope they will help you. 1. Double click on the pdf file that you scanned. It will open up as a pdf document. 2. When the pdf document is displayed click on 'Edit' in menu bar across the top of the pdf display and select 'Copy File to Clipboard'. 3. Open a Word document, position the cursor wherever you want the pdf image copied and click on paste. The image should appear in your Word document. Once the image is in the Word document it can be resized etc. in the usual way.

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