Checking PUME result

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I had agriculture exams last month and I want to check my results as they are announced. I have know idea how to check it online. Please help me out with this.

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  1. Harry

    The Management of the University of Benin along with the Exams and Record unit releases the long tarried for 2009 post ume results. The results were released on December 3rd, 2009 around 12 am and all the applicants were directed to go ahead to check the released results. However, it is worth-mentioning here that only candidates whose screening score is 50 and above were considered for admission, therefore if your screening score is 49 and below, you will not be considered for the admission. The results can be checked following the procedures below: Go to the students’ registration portal and click on Apply PUME 2009/2010 then enter your JAMB registration number and the PIN you used when applying for the screening test online. It will display your admission status, screening score and your PUME+UME score. By just following the steps below STEP 1: Send your JAMB registration number and your application PIN as well as a #100 "MTN pin" using only MTN line via SMS to +2347033098699. For example, 28432562YY app pin 2-12345678900 MTN pin 222211114444 STEP2: Wait patiently for maximum of an hour, your results which will include your full names, courses of study, screening score, PUME+UME score and your admission status will be sent to you via an SMS. It should be noted that firstly, use only MTN lines to send your details and be punctilious to avoid mistakes because only correct data will be processed. Secondly, don’t send your names, so that when the results shall be sent to you, they will include your full names, you will be convinced that your results have been authentic

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