How can Cash Rewards by Australia Post help to set up businesses?

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My uncle needs to know about the benefits of Australia Post Cash Rewards scheme, that would help to set up a business. Any ideas?

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  1. Australia Guide
    By using the Australia Post Cash Rewards service you can outsource the administration of your cash back promotion, bonus payment or rebate scheme. At the same time, you will be providing your customers with a simple, secure and effective way to redeem their cash at more than 3,200 Australia Post retail outlets nationwide. Following are some of the benefits that you will get for your business by using Australia Post Cash Rewards; • Outsourcing the administration of your cash rebate scheme can significantly reduce the resources you'd otherwise need to invest. • Your business can benefit from a customized cash rebate solution • You can eliminate the need for reply-paid envelopes, cheque production and reconciliation processes as it streamlines your fulfillment process. • Avoid cheque returns • Deliver an effective solution for your customers on the spot at any Australia Post retail outlet nationwide. • The Australia Post can develop a customer database for you to use in future marketing campaigns, subject to privacy laws.

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