How and where are earthquakes produced?

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Can any one tell me, How and where are earth quakes produced? I have been assigned a task regarding earth quakes that’s why I need to know about it. Plz help regarding my query.

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    Earthquake begins in the Earth's crust when stress has built up and suddenly the rocky layers rupture and then rebound. Earthquakes may be caused by moving plate boundaries. It is when there are convergent, divergent or transforms plate boundaries. In a convergent plate boundary, two plates will approach each other. The denser plate will then sub duct. Friction is produced and the ground shakes, depending on the strength of the quake, causing an earthquake. Shockwaves are radiated around the area, creating tremors. In a divergent plate boundary, two plates will move away from each other, causing the ground to sink, forming rift valleys. This will also cause earthquakes due to the sinking of land.

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