How alternative therapy is used to treat anxiety?

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I am looking for a therapy to treat my anxiety, what are the methods available for the treatment of anxiety , is the alternative therapy method reliable for the treatment of anxiety?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Most of the patients require some form of psychotherapy with the medication. Many of these patients benefit from the inside oriented therapies, as they are designed in order to help them in solving the unconscious conflicts and also give the better understanding about the defense mechanism in order to understand the symptoms which were developed.
    One of the most effective theory that works with anxious patients is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the patient is told to get deep into his thoughts and situations that stimulate his anxiety, and then it is required that he must view these thoughts more realistically. The patient is then exposed to the anxiety provoking object situation and also the internal stimulus in the gradual stages until he becomes desensitized.
    Psychotherapy is a way of treating the psychological and emotional problems of a person through the verbal and non verbal communication. The treatment of psychological distress by talking with a specially trained therapist and in order to learn new ways to cope with medication in order to alleviate the distress . Psychotherapy is done by treating the psychological and emotional problems through verbal and non-verbal communication. It is the treatment of psychological distress by talking with specially trained therapist and by learning new ways to cope with the distress. Psychotherapy is now carried out in order to assist people by becoming conscious about their thoughts, feelings and motives.

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