How about Fuguang diesel generator?

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A diesel generator used as either a sole source of power or as a backup for other sources can not be an environmental problem. The generator should be operated in a controlled and orderly fashion, and only when required for high-load applications. Surplus power should be diverted into storage batteries when the generator is not on-line. With intelligent and conservative use, a well-chosen and properly-maintained generator can become the heart of a dependable and cost-effective alternative energy system. A system like this can provide dependable, uninterrupted 110-volt power 24 hours a day even if the generator is not started for several days at a time.

During the operation of diesel generator, operators should pay attention to the emission of toxic gases. Especially the carbon monoxide gas which is odorless and colorless, it is hard to notice its existence. To eliminate the danger, generators are mainly installed outdoors. Thereby, the gas can not accumulate over time. Adequate ventilation could dispose the toxic gas immediately. And if the operators feel sick or headache, they should get out to inhale fresh air. And to insure their safety, they should better to look into the operation of generators continuously.

Fuguang Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of diesel generator in China. Established in 2003, located in Binhai industry zone ,Qidong,Fuguang Province, PRC. With more than 10,000 square meters workshop. We specialize in producing diesel generators from 5KVA to 2000KVA. As a diesel power generator manufacturer, Fufuang Co., Ltd has been building rugged, heavy-duty diesel generators for more than 20 years. Today, we offer a wide array of diesel power generator models to choose from in various sizes and capacities, for both mobile and standby applications. By now, you may wondering how to pick the right diesel power generator for your needs. The following information is designed to help you narrow your choices. Or if you would prefer, please contact us and we'll help guide you though the process. A diesel power generator with the proper size involves matching performance specifications against real-world operating constraints. If you don't take the operating constraints into consideration, you will be more likely to encounter problems like nuisance tripping and shortened generator life.

To eliminate the possibility of fire, you can keep the diesel fuel in suitable container. The fuel should not be stored in your house to protect your property. The place used to store the fuel should be far away from heat source. And it is not allowed to fuel your diesel engine during operation. You need to turn offer the equipment an wait a few minutes to let it completely cool down.

Henan Fuguang Power Generation Equipment Co.,Ltd.possesses strong technical force and production capacity,and mainly produces diesel genset, diesel generator set with good quality and reasonable price.
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