How Pippa Middleton stole the show on Royal Wedding?

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I cannot forget the auspicious day of Royal Wedding when the over hyped couple finally tied their node with each other. The day was associated with the Royal Couple but the real show girl was Pippa with her appealing style and ultimate attraction. How far is it true?

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  1. John

    No one can ever deny the charm of Royal Wedding is still in the air, and the stories about the appeasing entry of Kate’s sister, Pippa are in the lime light. The gorgeous lady really stole the show with her outstanding entry with the Royal Bride. She became the “Maid of Honor” on the Royal Wedding.

    Philippa Charlotte Middleton was born in the year 1983 and the elder sister of Kate Middleton. Her unique bond with her elder sister Kate Middleton is unquestionable and the same thing can be seen in the recent Royal Wedding where she holds the wedding gown of her sister elegantly.

    The gorgeous Philippa performed very well and played a vital role in this unique royal ceremony. Even if compared with the Groom’s best man, she was quite interested in supporting her sister. So there is no doubt left, the lady really stole the show.

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