How Does Shell Helix Ultra Work to Enhance the Performance of Engine?

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I was advised to use Shell Helix Ultra to enhance the performance of my car’s engine. Since, I don’t know much about technical issues of vehicles, so want to confirm if using Shell Helix Ultra will be really helpful for my Car. Please tell me how it works, and what actually it does to the engine?

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  1. Oil & Gas Expert

    Shell Helix Ultra motor oil delivers Shell’s ultimate cleansing, which helps engines to operate efficiently, for maximum performance and protection, while maintaining fuel economy. The oil in a clean engine can flow quicker to where it is needed and has improved access to surfaces, so that the engine is better protected.
    The outstanding cleansing power and shear and oxidation stability of Shell Helix Ultra mean that it goes on delivering its benefits throughout the oil-change interval.
    Shell Helix Ultra is specifically formulated for high-performance, fuel-injection gasoline engines that are fitted with catalytic converters and blow-by-gas recirculation. It meets vehicle manufacturers’ extended service specifications; has formulations for different fuels, engines and environmental conditions; and is the only oil to be developed in association with Ferrari.
    • 5W-40 Fully synthetic motor oil.
    • Cleans and protects for maximum performance.
    • It is five times as effective at removing sludge than mineral oil

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