How Did You Girls Learn About Boys?

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We learn in many ways. Many girls learn from their brothers, cousin boys, boys in the community. Some learn by baby sitting.

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    My mom was a single parent. I was the only child. I am now a 12 year old girl. As a young girls growing up that I took swimming lessons at the community pool. There was a men and a women locker room. There was a girl and boy locker room. Mothers who had sons could bring in their sons into the girls locker room as father with daughters can bring them into the boys locker room. Everytime I went to the pool for lesson or to swim that their were always boys in the girls changing room. I saw boys from age of 5 till 13 years old. All these 8 years that I learn all the parts and how a boy body works. When there is a girls swim meeting at the pool that we girls use the boys locker room. That is when we see boys up in the teens years.

    I have a male friend who goes to the same school as I do and we been friends from age 5. We both have been in the locker room together. We both seen each other total naked. We both have watch each other develp. We are like brother and sisters. We can talk to each other and ask question. When we are at each other home that we strip of our clothes and just be nude with each other with my mom or his mom. I am thankful to have him. He is so understanding and never get anrgy with me when I as question. At the pool that you can not ask anything or said anything about someone body. When you are at home with a close friend the door is open to ask question.

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