Hotel jobs in Philippines, details required.

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I am preparing a research article on hospitality industry in the Philippines, and would like to know, in detail about hotel jobs in the Philippines. What sort of hotel job vacancies are advertised in the newspaper? That would give me an idea that how big hotel industry is in Philippines.

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  1. Mitchel

     Philippines hotel industry is a flourishing business industry, as tourist from all over the world throng to this island nation, and most of the times stay at hotels and restaurants. Every month hundreds of new vacancies for hotel jobs are advertised in newspapers and in online job portals, which depict the requirements of different hotels and restaurants. Mostly hotels look for, Hotel Corporate Sales Rep, FemaleText Marketing Phone Operator, Hotel Corporate Sales Telemarketer, Recruitment Specialist Hotel Industry, Global Executive Recruitment Manager, Secretary - Administrative Assistant, Shift Supervisor, Purchasing / Procurement Officer, Chinese Chef and Manager. Philippines in the past ten years has witnessed a booming rise in the arrival tourists, that has given way to the rise in the hotel and restaurant industry in the country. Hotels in Philippines offer two major services of their customers, first it offers dining services, and secondly they offer lodging facilities to their guests. Hotels are classified according to their services in to Deluxe, first class, standard and economy. Hotel job in Philippines can get a person good income. But mostly the amount of pay depends upon the standard and quality of the hotel.

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