Hotel Hobart Airport Flight Cafe Restaurant breakfast menu

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Want to know about the menu of Hotel Hobart Airport Flight Cafe Restaurant breakfast. Someone please tell me about this.

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    Hotel Hobart Airport Flight Café Restaurant breakfast menu Continental Buffet 15 Your choice from a selection of cereals, juices, toasting breads, croissants & yoghurt Eggs Poached, fried or scrambled with toasted sourdough 8 Extras Tomatoes Oven-roasted with fresh herbs 2 Mushroom Huon Valley honey Browns 2 Bacon Two rashers of lightly smoked middle Bacon 3 Sausage Wursthaus lamb and herb 3 Flight Full Breakfast 16 Poached eggs with bacon, sausage, mushrooms & tomato on sourdough toast Florentine 14 Poached eggs with wilted spinach & hollandaise on toasted sourdough Benedict 14 Poached eggs with leg ham & hollandaise on toasted panini Eggs with Tasmanian Smoked Salmon 14 Poached eggs with Tasmanian smoked salmon & hollandaise sauce with rocket on lightly toasted crusty loaf Filled Croissants Tasmanian smoked salmon & brie 8 Bacon, tomato & cheese 8 Leg ham with home-made relish & gruyere 8

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