Hot Milk Punch Cocktail Recipe

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How to Make Hot Milk Punch Cocktail Recipe with Rum step by step Guide to prepare Hot Milk Punch Cocktail for parties, invitations & celebrations.

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    If your are searching for a cocktail better to serve in cold days of winter, then hot milk punch is the right drink for you. Hot Milk Punch is a delicious start to many occasions. You can serve this eye-catching drink with a breakfast or at any of your holiday gatherings as well. The milk punch is actually a bourbon beverage or you can say a brandy that is quiet known in New Orleans. It is a nice combination of milk, brandy, vanilla extract, and sugar. This recipe makes one hot milk punch but you can increase the amount the ingredients according to the number of your guests or family members. It is good to serve this drink in a typical mug or a sturdy glass. You can top Hot Milk Punch with grains of nutmeg or a pinch of mace. If you are impressed by this unique drink and want to try it, then follow the given below step by step hot milk punch cocktail recipe: Preparation Time: approximately 5 minutes Servings Size: 1 Ingredients; (¾ oz) dark rum (¾ oz) brandy 1 tablespoon superfine caster sugar Hot milk to fill Nutmeg or a pinch of mace for topping purpose -optional

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