Hostel fees and mess fees at srm?

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I got admission in SRM University. Now planning get admission in its hostel. I do not know that now much it costs. ould you tell me Hostel fees and mess fees at SRM University. Thanks!

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  1. James Augustus
    Here is the list of Hostel fees and mess charges: Common to All Fee (Rs) Remarks Application Form 300 Admission fee (non refundable) 1,000 One time during Admission Amenities fee (non refundable) 1,500 Per year Games and entertainment (non refundable) 500 Per year Hostel Security Deposti (refundable) 5,000 One time during Admission Total 8,300 8,300 8,300 Engineering College Hostel Room Rent - Non attached (NA) 20,000 Attached (A) 25,000 Mess Fee 25,000 25,000 Electricity Charges - Non attached 3,000 Attached 3,500 Total amount 56,300 61,800 SRM University is considered asone of the top ranking universities in India having 20,000 students and 1,500 faculties. It offers a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs in many areas as Engineering, Management, Medicine and Health sciences, and Science and Humanities. HRM University has foreign faculty, flexible and dynamic curriculum, exciting research and global connections which are main features that set SRM apart. Students have options to select cutting edge programs including nanotechnology, bioinformatics, genetic engineering, remote sensing and GIS, embedded systems or computer forensics. Most of these programs are offered in close collaboration with foreign universities and local universities as well. More than 78% of students are from outside Tamil Nadu. They are mainly from Europe, China and other countries. More than150 students got sponsorship from 35 foreign universities such as MIT, Carnegie Mellon, UC Davis, Warwick and Western Australia in 2008-09. Students who got above 90% in CBSE and above 95% in State Board examinations Fee are getting waiver of 50% .

  2. Guest23272653

     I also want  know hostel fees of  srm university. By the way where is this university located in India.

  3. Guest5632117
    can u tell me what is the costs of A C hostel in srm university

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