Is Belly Dance appropriate in front of audience.

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I am a journalism student who has chosen Belly Dancing for my story because how interesting it is and the misconceptions of the dance. I am wondering if I might be able to have an online interview with you or someone that you might recommend. I want to straighten out once and for all to my teacher that Belly Dancing isn't inappropriate outside of the bedroom!

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  1. ZZ

     Yes you can tell your teacher that this kind of dance is not inappropriate even out side the bedroom.

    Belly dance or any other form of dance is an art. And art need to be shown to public as well. that is how you get appreciation from people who got proper knowledge about your art.
    Belly dance is just a type of dance like break dance, rap dance, party dance, club dance and many more. 
    So nothing harmful init it is an art which need to be expressed.

  2. Tom Reeds

    There are different styles of Belly dance.One type of Belly Dance is of Shakira and it seems inappropriate in front of group of people,but there is another type of Belly dance that you can do,some of its steps are found in Indian and club dance as well.So if you want to go for slightly mild form of Belly dancing then its totally fine.

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