Honda Civic Sedan Remote Engine Starter System

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I heard about the Honda civic sedan remote engine starter system from my friend. He tells me little about it. Can you please provide the information and price of this system? Thanks

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  1. Judi

    The all new Remote Engine Starter System of Honda civic sedan 2011 model is designed to provide convenience for Honda owners living in cold or hot climate conditions. With the help of Remote Engine Starter System, you can Warm up your vehicle in the winter, or cool it down in the summer. A signal emits from the remote to the receiver unit which is fitted in Honda civic sedan by the engineers, that commands the vehicle system to start and stop the engine. Here are some unique features of Honda civic sedan remote engine starter system:
    • Up to 200 ft. range with the vehicle and remote.
    • Command button to prevent accidental engine start or stop
    • Automatically activates vehicle climate control and or defroster
    • Two-way remote system that lets you know your vehicle’s status
    • Applies to vehicles with Automatic Climate Control and See your Owner’s Manual
    • Integrates with vehicle immobilizer and security system
    • Not available for manual transmission vehicles
    • Never start your vehicle in an enclosed area as this may cause carbon monoxide buildup

    The actual price of Honda civic remote engine starter system is MSRP $512. Prices which shown are manufacturer suggested retail prices only. Installation cost for this accessory is not included in this package. Dealer costs may be varying. Prices exclude all the applicable taxes.


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