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How can I anonymously get the Regional Human Resources Managers phone number for the Pacific Northwest to call attention to a situation that I know wont be taken care of if I just go to District??




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    I Have WorkedAt Hd For 6Yrs Why Am I the First one Called Off 16 of last 20 days when I was to work?

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    A regional human resource, or HR, manager is someone, who is assigned with the task of   hiring, training and placement of current and potential employees in an organization. Job duties include getting  published help wanted ads, filtering applicants, conducting interviews, checking in with upper management about promising job candidates, and hiring the most qualified people. You can contact Regional Human Resources Manager for the Pacific Northwest through this number: 866-698-4347

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    i have a question. I am employed at Home Depot and have been employed for 8years. About 2wks ago, a lady was very persistent on having a tomato cage cut and i said "NO"We do not cut them". Well, she kept ranting about it and the cashier threw in her 2cents saying,"You can cut the tomato cage". I then replied ok, i will cut it but only this time." When i walked up to the tomato cage another lady was demanding and wanted me to also cut the tomato cage. I told her, Iam only cutting for her". A week later i was written for that. Now tell me this. What is the difference if a customer saw a mistagged item and wanted it for that price. You pull the tag and give it to that customer but, now 3people more people want that same price. Are you going to say no" because if yousay no it is no different from what i did.
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