Hobart Airport Car Park Payment Process

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What is the payment process of Hobart Airport Car Park? If someone have any information about this please share it.

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    Users that enter the car park will be issued with a Hobart airport car parking ticket. This ticket must be retained in order to pay and exit the car park. Users have ten minutes to exit the car park following payment at a pay station. Exiting the Car Park Users have two options to exit the car park Pre Pay at the Pay Station: You can pay by cash or credit card at one of the four pay stations located at the front of the terminal adjacent to the car park. Upon paying for your parking, your ticket will be validated allowing you to exit through one of the four exit gates within ten minutes of paying. Users can request a tax invoice at this payment point. Pay by Credit Card at the Exit Gate: You can only pay by credit card at the exit gates. When you get to one of the four exit gates, insert your ticket. The amount to be paid will then be displayed. Insert your credit card to complete the transaction. There is an option on the machine to request a receipt at the time of paying. Users can request a tax invoice at this payment point.

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