History of Jetblue Airlines

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I am a student of history and needs to write an essay on the topic History of Jetblue Airlines, is there anyone who can help me please regarding my query?

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  1. Angelina

     JetBlue was based in 1999 as "NewAir" by David Neeleman, previously worker of Southwest Airlines.
    First Airbus A320 airplane reached in early December, 1999.
    NewAir began financial procedures in mid-February, 2000, with its inaugural air journey between JFK and Fort Lauderdale, FL.
    During 2000, new airplane connected the fleet, and many of destinations were supplemented to the mesh and by the end of the year, JetBlue soars its one millionth clientele, describing $100 million in flown revenue.
    During the worsening in airline journey that pursued the September 11, 2001 attacks, JetBlue was one of only a couple of U.S. airlines that made a earnings, with powerful economic outcomes all through the 2002–2004 years.
    In March, 2002, JetBlue soars its five millionth customers.
    On the 31st of January, 2003, JetBlue accounts $54.9 million snare earnings for 2002, and by the end of the year, new airplane connect the fleet, and new destinations are being added.
    In early January, 2004, JetBlue broadcasts new in-flight amusement choices to be added: 100 passages of XM Satellite Radio and video passages boasting 20th Century Fox videos and television programming.
    On the 13th of July, 2004, JetBlue soars its 25 millionth customer.
    During 2005, new paths are being supplemented to the mesh, new planes extend to be consigned, and at the end of the year, online ascertain in, with online luggage ascertain in is being supplemented to the website.
    In February, 2006, JetBlue broadcast its first quarterly decrease ever, but returned to profitability by January, 2007.
    In October, 2007, JetBlue was entitled Best U.S. airline by Condé Nast Traveler readers for the 6th year running.
    New destinations extend to be supplemented, and refundable fares are presented in late January, 2008.Bogotá, Colombia becomes JetBlue’s first South American place travelled to in late January, 2009, and on the 26th of March, 2009, San José, Costa Rica becomes JetBlue’s first place travelled to in Central America.
    No dangerous occurrences engaging JetBlue airplane have been noted so far.

  2. Guest10657716
    How long has JetBlue been flying? What is the accident rate if any? How experienced are their pilots? How much training have they had?

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