Have any idea about the history of ballet dance?

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I am doing a report in my English class on the history of ballet. I hope you can help me. Can someone tell me about the history of ballet dance?

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  1. Judi

     The beginning point of ballet dancing dates rear towards the late fifteenth hundred in Italy, as shortly as it was served as an explanation of fencing. They were served within wide halls as an entertainment for the courts. The dance subjects were founded onto the cultural befalling of a specified day. This was visible from a dance within 1489; served during the course of a dinner whereby the affair of the dance disclosed the menu.
    The first ballet dance that narrated a full story was the Le Ballet Comique de la Rein is known as ‘The Queen's Ballet Comedy’, which was served within 158, within Paris. The aristocratic amateurs, as well as the royal civilians participated within this dance. The dance was illustrated by mechanism of Balthazar de Beaujoyeux, the known violinist and dancer, and was ushered by music, poetry and songs.
    It was during the reign of Louis XIV that the court ballet became very popular. He was deemed as the Sun King, within remembrance towards the role that he executed within one of the ballet dances. In 1661, the prior institute for experiences ballet dance 'Academie Royale de Danse' was unlatched by mechanism of Louis XIV within France. In those moments, the dance was served alone by mechanism of the male dancers. Men dressed within women's costumes, masks and wigs devoured towards play the role of lady characters. It was within the ballet dance Le Triomphe de l'Amour (The Triumph of Love) within 1681 that ladies mobilised participating within ballet. The ballet dancers wore ankle-length costumes; which were, of course, very unlike from today's costumes.

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