Reality behind Elvis 'undoing.

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Elvis 'undoing, is an awful book ripping apart the image of Elvis Presley. This book was written by Presley’s best friend MM. Presley had trusted them throughout his life like his brothers. Its unbelievable, how they repaid him for all his kindness and love. I guess, the venom this book holds for Presley, is because of Presley’s father, Vernon. I feel he is the reason of all this bitterness filling the pages of this book. Vernon was the one who sacked these guys and must have felt pretty guilty when this book was released. Please help me know the exact detail behind this ugly scene.

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  1. Mitchel

    I would like to direct your attention towards this fact, that it was because of these guys that Elvis Presley was slapped with couple of lawsuits, as these men fell to barbarity, when any fan tried to come in close proximity with their idol. It’s really baffling that how; they can spit such venom against their best friend, whom they claimed to love like a brother. They have simply betrayed Presley, by writing such a c**p book about his life. But Presley’s fan had an undying love for their idol, which was not even lessened by this controversial book. This book contains sensitive details regarding Presley’s personal life, which no loyal best friend can leak out. They were Presley’s confidantes and he trusted them, but they broke it in a sinister fashion. It’s always better to stay away from controversial topics, as they never yield any positive results.

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