Hi, I would like to open a .cdr file, is there any way to open the file without corel draw?

by Guest11005818  |  11 years, 4 month(s) ago

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After long search I tried the pre release version of inkscape, but it doesn`t work either. The file size is 27.5 MB. Thank you!

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  1. Guest27675208

    You may open .cdr file due to programming method, which is called

  2. Mitchel

     Its not that easy to open up a cdr file, without coral draw, though many forums claim that, it can be opened without the aid of coral draw. For that you will have to insert a cdr file into a word document, hope it yeilds results.

  3. Jonny Bravo
    hi there, Adobe's PageMaker can import CDR files. Xnview only open CDR in preview. bye

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