Hey im 12 and I'm looking for a cute boy for a boyfriend

by Guest24000436  |  8 years, 4 month(s) ago

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Hey im 12 and I'm looking for a cute boy for a boyfriend

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  1. Guest27578982

    When it comes to chicks the boys are the best lol :). Im 12 yrs old add me in fb Im looking for gf. Will you be mine?

  2. Epic_Julian

    Text me at 915-443-2090 cause im good at relationships

  3. Guest27388054

    <p>call me at 706-669-4319 im 14 year old and very desprate so please call ican give the best time of your life


  4. Guest27387972

    call me at 706-669-4319

  5. Epic_Julian

     Im an intence baseball, 12 years old and need a gf text me 915-443-2090 hope to hear from u soon

  6. Guest24827498
    my number is 1-815-265-2645, il cant wait to text u. plz text me, ill be waiting
  7. Levi Johnston

    hey, im a wrestler for my school and im 15, so i have experience. we can email and text.


    hope to hear from you

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