Hey, erm. First time using the site.. Just need some advice from somewhere. Anywhere..

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Hey, erm. First time using the site.. Just need some advice from somewhere. Anywhere..
Do you think it's possible for a 14 year old to be in true, proper, once in a life time, love? Well it certainly feels like it to me. And I can't stand it, because my parents hate him.. When they found out we were going out, they started to make up things like, "He does drugs, you can't date him!?" and "I bet you he will cheat on you in a week!" And all that.. but now, I've told them we aren't going out, but we have been in secret. It's got so out of hand, and I just don't know what I'm supposed to do? This is the guy I wanna spend my life with, and they're never gonna let me... What do I do?!

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  1. Guest23209773

    He is not involved in any drug activity at all. Trust me, I know him. We've been secretly going out for 2 years, and they still act like he's some kind of disease I have to stay away from. They do lie to me. You don't know my parents. They do say anything to get me away from him. Plus they've never met him. They won't give him a chance. How about that, then. They won't even speak to him, when I tell them to get to know him..

  2. ZZ

      Basic thing missing here is the trust. your parents currently do not trust him and they are very right in their thinking. They most certainly would have inquired things about him for sure.

    They are your parents they are not going to speak lie to you. If they are saying that he is using some sort of drugs there might be some reality in it. He might be sitting in such a company who might be drug addictive. 
    So they basically do not trust him and you need to develop that thing in between your parents and boy friend. 
    And now that you are secretly going out with him spend more time like this and after year or two your parents will them self realize that you really want to spend your life with the one for are with presently. 
    You need to proof your boy friend as very nice and caring who can take care of you for the life time with out the fear that he would not leave to alone in any part of life and further more that he will truly love you for the life time.  

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