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I was wondering if you knew the whereabouts of an Our Gang member, called Spike. His most memorable role was in the Our Gang short, The Awful Tooth.

Thank you so much.


Hi – I am afraid Spike is one of those kids that trailed off of the radar screens long ago. I am sure somebody somewhere knows what became of him, but it does not seem to have become public knowledge as of yet (at least as far as I know). Sorry I could not give you a better answer.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


Here is my follow-up question. Here is a list of Our Gang members that I have come to a dead end with. Any help on your end? (I am trying to write a newspaper article). Thanks.

The names are as follows
Annabella Logan (Annie Ross)
Peggy Ahearn Blaylock
Robert Lentz
Baby Patsy May
Alvin Buckelew
Donald Proffitt
Robert and Richard Smith
Rex Downing
George Ernest
Bill Naylor
Beverly Crane
Marylyn Astor Thorpe
John H. Davis, M.D.
Mickey Laughlin
Tom Laughlin
Lassie Lou Ahern

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  1. Guest26394548

    Robert Lentz is alive and well in Salt Lake City, Utah.

  2. Guest24876639

    You can find info on Spike here: All other Our Gang members are this site as well.

  3. John


    Sorry for the delay in this response as I have been out all day. John H. (or Jack) Davis died on Nov.3, 1992. Robert and Richard Smith are both deceased as well. Beverly Crane died on Dec.9, 2006. Billy Naylor was still alive as of 2003, but I do not know if he still is today. I think Peggy and Lassie Lou Ahern were both alive fairly recently, but again, I am not sure if they are still around.

    Most of the others I can verify were still alive at some point a decade or two ago, but that does not have much bearing on the year 2008. Can I assume that you have the Maltin & Bann book, and know which of these people were still alive when that was written? I don't think I've seen Tom Laughlin's name before. Was he related to Froggy and Mickey?

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