What are the perfect turns in ballet dance?

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I want to make perfect turns in ballet dance and want to know some guidance. Does anyone help me and give me the guidance to take perfect turns? Please help me!

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  1. Judi

     Turns add to the trick that makes up classical ballet motion, and dancers spend years trying to guru their turns. When they perform they become entirely immersed in trying to improve and advance the number of turns they can get out. Here is some guidance for ballet turns:
    Spotting is a whipping action of the head while turning. It is when you hold your dream concentrated on one thing and hold looking at it. As you turn, you whip your head round as very fast as likely to hold looking at that object. Strong core stability is another turn for ballet dancer. This is firmly your abs. I locate that citizen with stronger abs can do gained curves that those without. If you don't possess intense abs, a nice exercise is towards lie onto your rear, lifting tool both legs straight upper towards the ceiling (pointe feet), lifting tool your shoulders upper want you are doing a sit-up, degree your arms towards the front and pulse them upper and down.
    Plie when you prep. You shall encounter it steely towards get into a nice pirouette without that plie. Your chaines shall be additions steely whether you don't utilize your plie. Get into your turn, quickly now! Don't take forever to get from your prep into your turn. Releve means "quickly rise". Snap into your turns. Also, remember when your releve into a pirouette, to slide your foot under you like have an inch or so. Stretch your knees and feet when you turn. Now, this doesn't apply to fouette's and a la seconde turns where you need to plie as you turn.

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