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I`ve spent the last year working to create a professional portfolio for my home based art business. My specialty is decorative painting and murals that compliment the decor of a home or business. I`m trying to work up a short presentation to give to custom home builders, hoping they can use my work in their model homes. I have no clue where to start.

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     Planning is probably the most important (and overlooked) step in creating a successful presentation of any kind. Planning helps you decide on the content and the order in which the information will be presented.
    There are three components of creating effective presentations,
    Grab the viewer's attention.
    Clearly communicate your information.
    Stay in control of your presentations.
    The following things will help you to create a successful presentation:
    Select or create your own theme on the slides you will present.
    Use video and audio to convey your message more effectively.
    Use graphics to emphasize key points
    Keep file size manageable.
    Know exactly what your viewers will see.
    Consider differences between print and on-screen presentations.
    Use notes pages and handouts to help deliver the story.

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