Help with Miss Popularity game!!

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Ok, I am sure, most of you know the game Miss Popularity, well I have some questions about it:

1.How to unlock clothes?
2.How to go to your mobile phone?
3.Where to find your dream boy SECOND time (my dream boy type is skater)?
4.If I can't enter, to find my dream boy, what can I buy, bcz i can only buy make up, accesories and shoes??
5.Is there a walktrough for this game?
6.The F1 help, how much thas it help actually?

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  1. Guest22290190

    I have tried wearing only originality for the skater when u are supposed to show him ur better than his ex but it doesnt work.  I tried all of them and none worked.  My clothes are all updated so i need help asap cuz i cant get past this part.

  2. Guest21392212
    clothes count the boy u like looks at that plus ability if you like the music boy you musical talent helps. romantic - music boy Eligent- sport original- sk8ter dude use you friend to help you press ctrl then click the cell phone she will give you a clue of hint. spend time w/ your parents to stay out more. i really hope this helps
  3. Guest21043508
    akl you have to do is answer my qustion how do get past the music boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Guest19033568
    Click on "ctrl" (control) then the mouse will show up.Then go on the phone. The skater is in the school.I can't describe where but it's in the school.Near the football stadion.I can't describe it.I'm stuck with the ex.Help me!My skype is : dragon_fly1999 and my e-mail is Write me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
  5. Guest18081932
    can any one plzz say me that where can i find the skater guy??? :)
  6. Guest16941064
    does anybody know how to convince him that your better than his ex girlfriend
  7. Guest16627560
    you cant get on the soccer team but you can participate at the festival and fill in for a guy i forgot his name which is kind of on the soccer team
  8. Guest16460409
    1. You unlock clothes after you´ve met your dream boy the second time. 2. Press the ctrl button in game. A cursor should appear. Then click your cellphone. 3. To find the skater second time, go to the mall, and buy the make up, accesories, and shoes that says + originality then go home and change, go to the school and you should be able to enter the skater park. Then you have to go talk to the guy with a red ! over his head that is close to the skater ramp. Sorry dont remember which one to click but when he tells you to show him what you´ve got, go to the skater ramp and skate without errors. Listen carefully to what he says, as you will need it for later. Return to the same spot later but with the newly unlocked clothes from the mall. Then go skate, ad your dream boy will recognise you. Meet him in the mall later, but remember to listen closely. He will then ask you on a date to the disco. Sorry, no more help for now as i myself am stuck there. 4. See number three for help. 5. I have no idea, but number 3 is kinda a walkthrough. 6. It can help you if you forgot your objective, but its not much help for locations or specific help, try your cellphone instead.
  9. Guest15225321
    how do i play the guirtar
  10. Guest14683412
    does anybody know how to get onto the soccer team?
  11. Guest11447613
    and i think the skater dude likes originality so buy make up that has originality and shoes with originality and ect...
  12. Zak
    as, the game goes on- will unlock takes time && technique.
  13. Guest11333063
    press ctrl and click on the phone! And u have to buy make up, etc..

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