Help please! My silky terrier,Roxy has gone aggresive ever since i got married!

by Guest19564115  |  10 years ago

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I need a explaination for this,it is ruining our relationship! help help help!

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  5. Guest19589864
    question asker: ok well,when i was 24 before i got married roxy was a mommy's girl and she always loved everyone! but now that im married she hates everyone,mostly my husband,but she loves me. i dont know what he does wrong. he used to have a yorkie but it passed away before we got married-does she know?probably not though. when he would come to my place on a date roxy always showed affection towards him but now that he is with us 24-7 she hates him. one thing i have noticed is that whenever he sits by me or kisses me she goes crazy and growls!! i want this to stop because my husband wants to get rid of her,i cant let that happen,not to my "little angel" if i can call her that......
  6. Guest19564128
    what happened, can you provide more details before i can answer it.

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