Can anyone tell me how i can sell greeting cards?

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I really hope if you can help me. I am an American based in Kuwait. I recently hired an artist to draw 5 designs for greeting cards I designed and that have a Kuwait theme.

So, the cards are ready and have 1/4 packed and ready to sell.

But I am confused as to how to approach businesses. Basically, my husband has already contacted 6 businesses and dropped off a sample of the cards and a price list.

Is this a good method? What more can we do?? I really need advice. Thanks!

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  1. Business Analyst

     Making and selling handmade cards offers a great opportunity to earn little extra money. I have summed up a few points that would help you to sell the card that you make:
    1. Sell them online through eBay.
    2. Find a market to publicize them.
    3. Sell them at craft fairs in the country.
    4. Find a sales man to represent your items
    5. Sell at home parties and gatherings
    6. As there are so many card brands, offer something a little different.
    7. Put up a web site for your cards and focus on getting traffic from people.

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