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I have written before last April. I asked before if Mr. Scheider does independent films. Since you told me he does, I wanted to talk to him about a role in the film I am preparing. It is a very low budget movie and my first, to boot, but I would love to have him in it. The thing is, with the recent anthrax scares, I wanted to know where and how I could contact Mr. Scheider. I live in New York. Also, I wanted to know what happened with "Mishima". The current DVD and video versions omit the narration and have replaced it with an inferior version. Mr. Scheiders narration has a richness and depth that the new one lacks.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Mr Schneider is a series which was written and Directed Jonathan Neil Schneider. The producer of the movie is Herb Abbott and Jonathan Neil Schneider. The music of the movie was provided by Seth Barmash ans George Reichart. The film was edited by Jarrod Burt, Jay Davis, Michael Lim, Chris Ray. Other cast member of the movie include Jonathan Neil Schneider himself, Wright Andrews, Jan Witlod Barron, Patrick Basham, Johan Basham, Tony Coelho also performed in this play and performed the important role. Mr Schneider is finally taken off his comfortable couch and compelled to the capital of the worlds only superpower to find about the what is going on with the government. From Education to the health care, social security to taxes, foreign policy to gas prices, American interests repeatedly take back seat to that getting re elected.

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