Have you ever worked in Disneyland Paris?

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Have you ever worked in Disneyland Paris? If it's so can you describe me your experience? I would like to know information about finding flat, salary and so on....! Thanks in advance! I would appreciate very much your comments about it! ;D

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  1. kate

    No, I didn’t work in Disneyland Paris but I visited Disneyland Paris many time, each time I visit, I am struck by the sincerity with which the resort is run. The parks and all the enjoyment are matchless. The service in the hotels is perfect, and whether you are dining in a fast food eatery or in a beautiful hotel restaurant, the food is usually good quality, and the staff (Cast Members in Disney speak) you very well. Disney Cast Members have an excellent level of professionalism that is, not usually showed by workers of many other famous companies. Many Disney workers truly seem to like their jobs too. It is one of unusual experience that is not common everywhere. Walt Disney World Cast Members learn professional training and must they follow very detailed regulations. This represents that they are agree with authority. If you think that you would work well in this type of surrounding, you may want to consider a job at one of Disney's resorts. Or, you may want to consider Disney College, where you can also get college credits for your work experience. Because having Disney work experience in your CV is certainly an advantage. There is an official site for employment opportunities with the Walt Disney Company, including jobs at Walt Disney World in Central Florida and Disneyland in Southern California.

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