Hello,I have a Spidem trevi automatic coffeemaker and I don't make a coffe

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When turn ON,Brew grup turn aprox.90 degrees and return in a initial position.Red light blinking,coffee light and hot water are OF.Some times,after brew grup return in a initial position,red light is OF,green light blinking(coffee and water)a few minutes ,light to coffee not blinking it's ON,light to hot water it's OF.Push coffe swich,grinder work,ground coffee go in a brew grup,the brew grup turn 90 degrees(not 180),and return in a initial position.Red light blinking and machine locks.I have a hot water,pump water is ok,all microswitches are ok,the brew grup is new and initial position it's ok,thermal safety it's ok,masin was decalcefied.Please help me!Sorry,my language it's not very well.

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