Have you ever been unexpectedly stripped to your underwear?

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Maybe someone else stripped you or your pants/shorts/skirt/ dress got caught in something. It was in public and you weren't expecting it.

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  1. Guest24995253
    Yes, when I volunteered to help out in a magic act. I was put in a disappearing cabinet by the assistant and the magician mad me disappear. When he brought me back and she opened the cabinet, I was standing there in my underwear. Everyone applauded and laughed and the assistant quickly wrapped a cape around me and ushered me backstage. I'm still not sure where I went or where my clothes still are!

  2. Guest16283727
    When I was in the 6th grade I got my skirt caught in a closet door and walked right out of it in front of the whole class. About 30 kids laughing at me in my whit and pink floral panties. I was humiliated. The teacher quickly got it loose and wrapped it around me, then took me to the restroom and pinned it back as it was ripped.
  3. Guest15587583
    Yeah when I was 8 years old my neighbor who was a girl my age tried to boss me around. I decided I had enough of her bullying and bucked on her. It started with me pushing her and wound up with her on top pinning me down. When I refused to say uncle or give up she decided on another way to show me up. She started pulling my clothes off. I squirmed, struggled, apologized and gave up but it was too little too late. I was no match for her. She didn't let me until I was down to my t shirt and tighty whities. Then she pointed and laughed as I ran for home. That was unexpected and I was in public running home in broad daylight. VERY embarrassing.

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