Have any men ever had a woman see them naked in the locker room?

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Have any men ever had a woman see them naked in the locker room?

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  1. Guest21183917
    I went to Bally Total Fitness. All the memberships are adult, no kids, but they have kiddie tae kwon do lessons there. The mens restoom area is inside the locker room next to the shower area. I was taking a shower and a girl of about 13 who obviously didn't understand the concept led her little brothers in there to go potty. She didnt even excuse herself. She just stood there barking at the boys to hurry up while she stood there looking up and down at me.

  2. Guest20327602
    I have several times. One two occassions at the Detroit Police Academy gym. Once after working out I walked into the shower naked and a cleaning lady was in there cleaning up. She appologized and then walked past me. Another time a different cleaning and myself almost walked into each other as I was walking toward the bathroom naked and she was walking into the locker area. I don't know who was more surprised. I'm sure she was more embarrassed as she appologized several times while walking away. On another occassion I was at a private gym and a young woman walked in looking for a mentally challenged man she was supervising at the gym. She just looked right at me as I stood naked in front of my locker. She never apologized and acted as if she had a right to be there. These all happened years ago when I was a younger man. I have to admit I was shy when I was younger but wouldn't mind if it happened now.

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