Has anyone used rubber pants or plastic pants on children that wet the bed

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Has anyone used rubber pants or plastic pants on children that wet the bed

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  1. Guest28455104

     I remember when my brother was put back into training rubberpants at night. Mom told him it was what boys that aren't night trained wear

  2. Guest28454955

     Yes and they worked very well. Although mu son didn't enjoy wearing babies rubberpants 

  3. Guest28454682

     My sister inlaw used diapers and rubberpants on her son for bedwetting and got attached to the rubberpants she had a awful tie getting him to stop wearing them

  4. Guest28454476

     Yes my sister used them on her son and she recommended it to any mothers. With bedwetters

  5. Guest28453811

     My mother used to put diapers and rubberpants on my brother.All us girls would giggle when he came into the TV room with the big bulge in his pajamas. When i was time for bed mom would pat his botom and say time for bed baby 


  6. Guest28453641

     My mother was also disciple of plasticpants for bedwetters she used to recommend them to anyone that told them they had a bedwetter. Sje would also recommend diapers and plastic pants if they wet more than once a night.

  7. Guest28453637

     My sister used rubberpants on her 2 sons. It didn't stop them from wetting the bed but did keep the beds dry and saved her a lot of time on laundry. It also was less stressful on her as well. She for years recommend it to friends and family that had bedwetters 

  8. Guest28453483

     My mother changed my wet diapers and rubberpants in front of her friends. All of them used to tease me saying your such a big baby. I think everyone knew I wore diapers. Mom kept me in rubberpants until I was dry for six months at 9. When I was in high school a girl I was dating asked if I still wore rubberpants at night. She said she heard from her mother that was very cute in them. Soon after she asked if I would wear them for her if she bought a pair for me.  I said I would and we had a great relationship.I finally married her and she puts rubberpants on me every night and both of us enjoy it.

  9. Guest28453381


     I was made to wear rubberpants to bed unti i stopped wetting the bed at 12 years old. The worst part was that my mom put them on me every night like I was a little toddler. When I started getting erections she woud say I think someone likes his baby pants. I still get erections when I think about wearing rubberpants 


  10. Guest28453278

     Yes my mother used thick underwear with rubberpants on me until I  was dry at night at 9 yeats old. Sometimes she would use diapers if I was wetting more than once a night. My sisters would occasionally make fun of me say boys train later than girls but mom wr put a stop to it if she heard them.

  11. Guest28452442

     I remember going out with my mother when I was about 13 or 14 and we stopped by a friend of hers on the way home.  When there I wanted to use the restroom and as I walked down the hallway I could see into her 8 year old sons room and being a warm summer night he was asleep on top of his bed no sheets or blankets covering him and I could see that he had rubber pants on.  On the way home I asked my mom and she said he was a bedwetter and his mom made him wear diapers and rubber pants in bed. 

  12. Guest28452024

     I remember my mother when I was almost six taking me to woolworths store and asking the sales woman if they had rubberpants that would fit me. The lady said they had super size rubberpants that a ton of mothers were using them on bedwetters over diapers. She suggested if not using diapers the extra large would fit me over training pants or training rubberpants. the sales lady also told mom if I was a heavy wetter or more once a night diapers and the super size rubberpants were the way to go. Mom made the purchases and that night was my first night of my 3 years  in diapers and super size rubberpants. She also made no attempt to hide the fact that I was being put back in diapers and rubberpants for punishment for wetting the bed like a toddler

  13. Guest28452016

     My mothercalled them baby panties and  left them in plain view for everyone to see. She made no excuses for me and told everyone that I still was wearing babies panties at night because I was still wetting the bed. 5tt

  14. Guest28451732


     Rubberpants were always used on bedwetters in the 60's in 70's to keep the bed dry and to try to shame them into getting up to go to the bathroom. Having had to wear them for a few years the shaming didnt work. I developed a fetish for wearing rubberpants for punishment for bedwetting and enjoy when  my wife puts my baby pants on me 


  15. Guest28451473

     Yes,our daughter is 16 going on 17 and a bedwetter and we require her to wear snap on rubberpants over her disposable diaper every night.At bedtime,she fastens the diaper on,then puts the rubberpants between her legs and snaps the sides together and the puts on her night gown.Even tho she is almost 17,she wears the rubberpants with cute baby prints on them and likes them.

  16. Guest28451103

    Yes,we have a newly adopted 15 year old daughter whom we got back in the middle of february and we started her off right away in the cloth pin on diapers and rubberpants 24/7 due to her nervousness and having wetting accidents.Her diapers are the Gerber flat ones in the 24x27 inch size and her diaper pins are regular baby diaper pins in pastel heads and teddybear heads.Her rubberpants are adult size in pastels and babyprints.We just baptized her at Easter mass this past easter sunday as a baby and dressed her in a white gown and bonnet with lace socks and white shoes and did a pair of her babyprint rubberpants over her diapers.She is fine with the diapers and rubberpants and kind of likes being like a baby. 

  17. Guest28450655

     Have to agree with the poster below about diapers and rubber pants now as opposed to prior years.  I knew of  bedwetters back in the 90's and they were in their diapers and rubber pants usually an hour or two before bed so that everyone could see them.  Today the bedwetters get their diapers and rubber pants on just as they are getting into bed.  That way the whole thing is kept private and is meant for the bedwetters comfort and still keeps everything dry.  

  18. Guest28450164

     Many years ago use of diapers rubberpants or both was to shame the child and humiliate them. Today it is mostly use to protect the bed and keep the child dry at night

  19. Guest28450019

     From talking to others I found out that 30 or more years ago it was not uncommon to use rubberpants on bedwetters especially boys. They said most boys were afraid there friends would find out and some would stop wetting within months of being put back in diapers and rubberpants.

  20. Guest28449963

     I was made to wear diapers and plastic pants for punishment for wetting the bed. Mom used to call me her night baby because I was still wetting the bed and sucking my thumb at 6years old. At times she would a baby bottle. She told everyone that I  acted like a baby so she treats me like one

  21. Guest28449603

     Yes I used them on my bedwetting son until he stopped wetting the bed when he was ten. It  kept the bed dry and i think  he liked having me dress him at night

  22. Guest28449279


     My mother used to tell everyone that I  still wore didies and rubberpants it was so embarrassing. She also encourage neighbors and my brothers and sisters to tease me about wearing baby pants


  23. Guest28449239

     I was made to wear diapers and plastic pants for punishment for wetting the bed. It was bad enough wearing them as almost 7 yr old boy but mom used to tell everyone i was still in diapers and plastic pants  not my younger siblings 

  24. Guest28448939

     I still remember the diaper and rubberpants embarrassment my mother did to me in front of my 3 youger sisters. I had to sit as she showed them my diapers and then they were allowed to watch me get diapered telling them I was the new baby in the house as she pull the rubberpants on over the diapers. She told them since I still wet like a baby boy I would be treated like one even though I was 7yrs old. It was pure torture for almost a year. She also kept me in lined rubberpants at night for 6 months agter I stopped wetting the bed 

  25. Guest28448038

     Yes when I was a young boy my mother used diapers and rubberpants on me. They kept the bed dry but ruined my self esteem. i was shamed and humilatiated in front of others while wearing them. Mom told me I had to wear them because I was still wetting like a baby. She would make me go with her to buy new rubberpants and would always tell the sales ladies that they were for me that I was still in night diapers. I  wore them at night until I was almost 10. My heart used to fall to my feet when I would come home and mom would hang the diapers and Rubberpants on the wash line. All the neighbors knew I was wearing diapers

  26. Guest28448021

    Our daughter is 13 and in puberty and bedwetting and we use rubberpants[plasticpants] on her every night over her bedwetting diapers.I know of some other moms with bedwetting daughters and they use rubberpants on them also. 

  27. Guest28447395

     Neighbors had 2 bedwetters and they both had to wear double cloth diapers wuth rubber pants on over.  I did get to see the both of them wearing tshirts diapers and rubber pants many times as my mom and their mom were best of friends and so when mom was going to go next door after supper was done I would tag along so I could see them with their rubber pants showing.  Another thing the rubber pants made noise when they moved which added to seeing them on.  It was also usual to see the bedwetters diapers and rubber pants hanging on the clothesline.

  28. Guest28447249

     My mother used them on my six year old brother at night with diapers.If he went the bed more than once at night he had to put training rubberpants on after school and on weekends for punishment, Mom kept all his underwear or as she called them big boy pant in her room. She told him boys that wet wear baby pants

  29. Guest28447053

     Yes my mother used rubberpants as punishment for wetting the bed and enjoyed embarressing me by telling other mothers I still wore babies rubberpants at night and would dress me for bed in front of other mothers telling she them she had to dress me like baby at night which at times included diapers with the rubberpants. Girls that I went out with would tell me they remembered when they saw me in rubberpants when I was younger. I had one girl friend that asked if I still wore them.

  30. Guest28446848

     When I was a teenage girl my six year old brother who still peed the bed and sucked his thumb. He asked my mother if he could wear diaper and have a baby bottle. Of course my mother said no they were for babies. He kept it up and even asked my aunts put diapers on him. Finally one of my aunts told mom to let her take him for a few days and put him back in diapers and feed him a baby bottle. She said he probably ust play baby for a few days he'll get tired of it.She took to her house and put diapers and rubberpants on him and babied him for a entire weekend. When we went to pick him up he looked so cute in his baby pants drinking his bottle.he told mom he still wanted to wear diapers. Mom finally said ok and my brother stayed a baby for a year when he stopped wanting to be a baby

  31. Guest28446714

     My mother and almost all mothers in our neighborhood used rubberpants on children that wet the bed mostly boys. I had a brother who mom kept in diapers and in a crib until he was eight. It was embarressing for him because he had 3 younger siblings get out of diapers before him. Mom used to tell everyone he was her night baby and would put his diapers and rubberpants on him in front of who ever was in the house. When it was time for him to go to bed which was earlier than the 3 younger ones he was told because he was still a baby.

  32. Guest28446663

     When I was almost 6 years old and still wetting the bed my mother decided with the advice of her friends that I should be put back into diapers and rubberpants. My almost 3 year old brother had ust been potty trained and didn't wet the bed any more. Mom told me since I was still wetting at night like a baby I would be wearing my brothers diapers and rubberpants and sleeping in his crib until I was night trained..It was so embarressing  for a 6 year old boy to have to wear diapers. She also made me wear training pants when not in school and would take me to the bathroom like a toddler until I was night trained a year latter. It was so embarressing when mom would tell relatives friends and neighbors that I was still in night diapers and rubberpants 

  33. Guest28446400

     I was humiliated by my mother she put babies rubberpants on me every night  and it didn't matter if relatives friends or neighbors were there my rubber pants  would put on in front of them. That was t embarrass me more. I wore them until i was almost ten

  34. Guest28444611

     I remember going on vacation with my parents and every couple of years they would stop and visit friends of theirs in the midwest.  This particular year as we made our journey we had not stopped to see these people in a couple of years.  The last time we had stopped there 2 years before they had 2 boys, the youngest age 6 was a bedwetter and was wearing cloth diapers and plastic pants, his mom called them rubber pants, to bed. Each night as bed time approached his mom would take him to his room where she had the diapers and rubber pants all ready for him.  After he had gone to the bathroom and brushed his teeth he would come into the room with only his underpants on.  He would climb up on his bed and his mom would take his underpants off and slip a double diaper, 1 flat lined with 1 pre-fold for extra absorbancy under his bottom.  She would apply baby powder, pin the diapers at his waist and put the rubber pants on. Being summer time the boy slept with just a tshirt diapers and rubber pants on.  Rather than let him run around dressed like that she made him wear  robe.  When he walked around the house at times his robe would open and I could see his rubber pants.  His mom told my mom that she used diapers and rubber pants because they worked best on him and kept his bed dry and he was comfortable wearing them and he got a good nights sleep.

    So whe we arrived for our visit as we walked into the house I noticed on the clothesline hanging there were 6 diapers 3 full size and 3 pre-folds and 3 pair of rubber pants so I knew that he was still wetting the bed.  Over the three nights of our stay I saw him each evening with  his diapers and rubber pants on and wearing his robe,

  35. Guest28444398

     My mother also used rubberpants over thick lined underwear she said were baby training pants. She would put them on me in front of anyone that was in the house. I wasn't the youngest in the house but with younger siblings out of diapers mom let everyone know I was the one wearing them. It was humiliating having people know I still wore baby's rubberpants at almost 7 years old and mom would buy the most babyish ones she could find. It was embarressing being bathed and dressed like a baby every night. She also referred to me as the baby when talking to my relatives and her friends.

  36. Guest28444361

     Yes my mother made me wear rubberpants over my underwear. She isrd to enjoy telling everyone that I  still was wearing babies rubberpants at night because I was  still wetting the bed like a toddler

  37. Guest28442873

     I used to babysit for a neighbor whose  6 yr old son wet the bed. She used to put lined plastic pants or as she called them baby training rubberpants at night. She used to get him up before she went to bed. If he was wet she would change him. If he was wet in the morning he would be punished when he got home from school. The punishment was to wear the training rubberpants all day and be taken to the potty like a toddler. This used to happen 2 to 3 times a week until his wetting was reduced but he wore the rubberpants at night until he stopped a year later



  38. Guest28442334

     Bedwetting ran in our family and Mom and my aunts rule was that of you wet your bed you wore cloth diapers and rubber pants.  So it was not unusual to be at a family gathering or vacation and see stacks of diapers and rubber pants for all the bedwetters to wear.  I considered myself fortunate to be one of the kids who did not wet the bed and there were 5 of us 3 girls and 2 boys that did not wet and at one time I remember there being 8 kids 5 boys and 3 girls that wore diapers and rubber pants in bed.  So on vacations as bedtime approached moms would take their kids to their rooms for their diaperings.  One of my aunts had 2 boys and a girl the wore diapers and so she would have them all together and one at a time they climbed up on the bed and lay down and my aunt would quickly and skillfully pin the diapers on each of them and when all were diapered she handed each of them a pair of rubber pants and they would put them on.  I always thought it interesting to watch as up went the rubber pants and my aunt would check to see that the rubber pants completely covered the diapers and than they would put on their pj's.  It was not unusual to see some cousins in pj's others in a nightgown or a top or with just diapers and rubber pants on.  It was kind of interesting to remember those times.

  39. Guest28442277

     When my brother was in first grade he was still wetting the day my mother found him the babies room in the babies crib dressed in diapers and rubberpants drinking a baby bottle sound asleep. When he woke up mom told him since it appeared that he wanted to a baby he would be wearing them every night until wetting.he would also sleep in the crib and have a bottle like the baby at night.this lasted for about 6 months until he stopped but mom used to catch him wearing rubberpants until the baby was trained.

  40. Guest28441683

    My 6yr  nephew was teasing the little boy next door to them who was still in diapers at close to 4 years old. The boys mother called my sister and my sister and told herit had been a ongoing occurrence. My sister told her it wouldn't  happen  again. Then told her that my nephew was still wetting the bed. My sister that day went out and bought diapers and plastic pants and other baby suppies. She then informed my nephew he was going to be wearing diapers and rubberpants all the time for 2 weeks and be yreated ike a baby as punishmen. Also he would be wearing them at night until he stopped wetting the bed and that he was being put back in a crib at night. It was summer and she brought him over to the neighbors house in diapers and rubberpants and told the neighbor and her son that wad his punishment for teasing him but that he also needed them because he wets his bed and sucks his thumb at night. For 2 weeks he was treated like a baby but was kept in diapers and rubberpants at night until he stopped  wetting the bed 2 years later. All his friends saw gim in his diapers and rubberpants becase he was our in the yard in them for 2 weeks 



  41. Guest28441394

    A couple of years ago I had some things I needed to get at the mall and so did Mom.  Being 16 and in a hurry to do things Mom said we would go when the supper dishes were done.  So when we had everything cleaned up we went to the mall. We got what we needed and as we were leaving Mom said she wanted to stop by a  friends house for a minute.  It was just before 8 oclock and a warm summer evening when we arrived and we were standng in the kitchen and Mom and her friend were chatting when the womans 2 sons walked into the kitchen both boys 8 and 6 were wearing diapers and rubber pants and t shirts and that was all.  Both seemed not at all bothered by the fact that Mom and I were seeing them in diapers and rubber pants.  They gave their mom hugs and kisses and were off to bed. Shortly after their mom asked my Mom to come downstairs with her so she could show her the project.  We went  down the stairs to the family room where she was showing Mom her project and while we were there she told Mom and me that the boys were both regular bedwetters and that she had found cloth diapers and rubber pants to be the best thing for keeping their beds dry and that the boys had been wearing them long enoughso that they were quite accustomed to having them on and that's why they weren't embarrassed at us seeing them ready for bed.  As we were walking back to go up the stairs we passed the laundry room and there were a few pairs of rubber pants hanging on a clothesline and there were folded diaperson a table ready to be taken to wherever they were kept upstairs.  We talked a little more upstairs and left.  I was surprised by what I had seen but Mom assured me that there were other kids who wear diapers and rubber pants in bed. 

  42. Guest28441296

     When I was alittle boy around 6 my mother put me back into diapers and rubberpants for bedwetting. The worst thing is she would bring me out and show her friends me in diapers and rubberpants. They would remak how cute I was in diapers and rubber panties and what a big baby. She would even let them change me if I  was wet. It was so embarrassing 

  43. Guest28441196

     When I was 6 years old my grandma came to visit at Christmas and was modified when she found out I was still wetting the bed twice a night every night. She told my mother that she should put me back in diapers and rubberpants. The next day grandma came back from shopping with diapers rubberpants and feet pajamas for me. That night I was diapered in front of my 2 sisters one 7 years old the other 4. Grandma told them I had to wear them because I was still wetting my bed like a baby so I had wear baby pants. She told them boys are harder to train then girls. Later that night my mother brought to her room I was shocked when I saw the crib and she told to get in that's where babies sleep. The next morning was worse when gram said to me are the diapers wet.

  44. Guest28441172

     When I was a teen there was a family that lived in the neighborhood that had bedwetters and they all wore cloth diapers and platsic pants to bed.  I became friends with the girl who was a year or so younger than I was and my mom and their mom became good friends.  I once asked her if she minded wearing diapers and plastic pants to be and she said no not any more because it meant that they did not have to worry about wetting the bed and could concentrate on getting a good nights sleep.

    Later my mom and dad would be called away when a grandfather became ill and I had to go to school and so it was arranged that I could stay with this family.  Mom told me that all the kids hd to wear cloth diapers and plastic pants to bed and that I should not say anything about what I was going to see to the kids.  I told mom that was no problem.  My first night there sure enough I saw all 3 with the diapers and plastic pants on under their night wear. They said nothing and I said nothing.  In the mornng all 3 had wet diapers and their mom took care of getting them showered, dressed and ready for school.  For the enxt 3 nights they all had cloth diapers and plastic pants on about an hour before bed.  When my parents go back home my mom asked me what I thought and I said not really to much except that I felt a little strange the first night knowing they were older kids and had diapers on and could hear the rustling noise of the plastic pants when they moved.  Once again during the next summer my parents were called away and I stayed at their house again and the weather being warm the oldest boy went to bed wearing only his diapers and plastic pants.   I felt kind of embarrassed when I saw him but he said nothing and acted like it was perfectly normal which for him it probably was.  Actually during my stays there I did get to see all 3 with just their diapers and plastic pants on at some time or another.



  45. Guest28440696

     Yes,our 16 year old daughter is a bedwetter and we use adult size plastic pants on her over her bedwetting diapers at night.

  46. Guest28440689

     We went on a summer vacation and while away stopped to visit a friend of my moms  I was like 12 at the time.  After we arived I found they had 3 kids 2 boys ages 8 and 6 and a girl age 10. As the day progressed we were invited to stay overnight and my folks said ok.  After supper mom asked me to come with her to the car to get some things while we were there mom told me that all 3 kids wet the bed and wore diapers and rubber pants to bed.  She also said that I should not say anything about what I was going to see.  Later I went to use the bathroom and as I walked past the boys room I noticed on each of the beds a stack that included 2 diapers and rubber pants and as I walked past the girls room there on her bed was the same stack of 2 diapers and rubber pants.  Later their mom took them to their rooms and after they had left ther dad said to us that they were getting ready for bed and that when they came out to say goodnight we would see their diaper bulges and hear their rubber pants crackle under their pajamas as they moved.  First the girl came out and she was wearing a nightgown and so the diaper bulge didn't show much but as she walked across the floor her rubber pants made noise.  Shortly the boys came out and the obvious diaper bulge showed under their pajama bottoms and their rubber pants to crackled and all 3 had to wear a double diaper.  As we sat and chatted the kids seemed to be oblivious to the fact that they had diapers and rubber pants on and the adults didn't pay any attention to the fact either.  One at a time they went to bed  saying good night and hugging everyone.  The next morning all 3 were wet and the boys showered and dressed first than the girl.  After breakfast we left to head back home.  Remembering what I had saw stayed with me for awhile.


  47. Guest28437510

     When I was six years old Mom took me to my aunts for a winter vacation. At the time I was still wetting the bed every night. My 4 year old cousin also was a bedwetter. My aunt suggested to mom that I wear a lined pair of rubberpants at night to keep the bed dry like my cousin wore at night. Mom agreed it would probably be best and would keep the bed dry.My aunt also told her that she sometimes used diapers and rubberpants when my cousin was wetting more than once a night. The first night was really embarressing having baby pants put on mother aunt and 2 older sisters said I looked so cute in them. Two nights latter I wet the bed 2 times and the second time the rubberpants leaked on to the bed. The next night I was put into dials.when I got home mom continued this until I stopped a year latter

  48. Guest28436866

     When I was a young girl many of our neighbors and family used rubberpants on bedwetters. Most used diapers as well. My mother told me that it worked well to train boys becaus they were really embarrassed to  be put back in baby's pants when they were to be wearing them. I remember my brother cousins and neighbors embarresment when they would be seen by others in just diapers and rubberpants. They would put their hands down to try to hide the baby pants. Most of them would stop wetting within months of being put back in diapers but some wore rubberpants for a couple of years because of slight lapses.

  49. Guest28436643

     Yes and they worked great on my 6 year old son but you have to use a training pant or lined underwear kept the bed dry and my son happy 

  50. Guest28435713

    When I was 5 almost 6 my 3 teenage sister's were tired of washing as they say my pissy sheets and clothes. They went and bought diapers and rubberpants and talked mom into using them on me and it lasted for 3 years 







  51. Guest28434446

     I agree rubberpants are a must my mother and aunts wouldn't let any of the bedwetters go to bed without at least rubberpants some had to wear diapers as well. Most were boys and wore them to 6 to 8 years old.

  52. Guest28434437

     Yes rubberpants are must with bedwetters

  53. Guest28433165

     My mother used rubberpants on my younger brothers for bedwetting as did many of our family members. Mom said it was to let them know they weren't ready for big boy pants at night so they had to wear baby pants. I remember my brothers and other relatives mostly boys wearing them until about 8 years old. One of my aunts used to say thank heavens for rubberpants I don't know what I would have done without them

  54. Guest28433126

     Yes my mother used to put rubberpants on me every night until I stopped wetting the bed at 8 years old. With younger siblings in the house it was embarrassing when she would tell me to come put my baby pants on for the night 

  55. Guest28431985

     I used them on my son who wet the bed. It was not to shame him it was because he wanted to wrar them. He saw my sister putting diapers and plastic pants on her son for bedwetting and asked if he could wrar them. I resisted for a week but he kept asking. I finally gave in and bought larger plastic pants for him and started diapering him  with his younger brother every night. When his brother was trained he stopped wetting too








  56. Guest28431797

     My mother used rubberpants on me until I was almost 8 yrs old due to bedwetting issues. She told everyone that the rustling of the rubberpants under my pajamas let everyone know I was wearing baby pants. When ever I bent over the rubberpants could be seen and embarress me. I eventually stopped wetting ending my embarresment. After I was married my mother and sisters told my wife that I had worn rubberpants until I was 8 yrs old it was really embarressing .My wife still teases me telling if I wet the bed she'll put rubberpants on me. She even printed a picture of adult size baby's rubberpants from an once company and told me I look cute in a pair of them.

  57. Guest28431758

     Our daughter is 16 and a bedwetter and we are using cloth pin on diapers and adult plastic pants on her every night at bedtime.She has all of her plastic pants with babyprints on them as she thinks they are cute.

  58. Guest28431743

     My mother used cloth diapers and rubber pants on me to shame me to stop wetting the bed. She would put them on me in front of whom ever was in the house. She would tell them I was still a baby 

  59. Guest28431646

     Rubberpants are usually a must with cloth diapers or with heavy bedwetters. 

  60. Guest28431533

     No but I use them on my bedwetting husband and the plastic pants are a must with hm

  61. Guest28431458

     Yes,we have a new adopted daughter age 14,and we are using cloth diapers and rubberpants on her 24/7 for her bedwetting and daytime accidents.

  62. Guest28431056

     Yes,we have two daughters,ages 13 and 15,and they are both bedwetters,and we use plastic pants on both of them over their bedwetting diapers at bedtime.The plastic pants are adult size and fit them both some what blousy over their diapers.They both have pastel colored plastic pants and a few with baby prints on them.

  63. Guest28431009

     When I was six and still a bedwetter. I was in my aunt's bedroom and saw a bunch of rubberpants on the bed. I decided to try a pair on and while I was pulling up my pants my aunt walked in and caught me in the rubberpants. She said what a cute little baby. Though I think you will be cuter with diapers underneath them. This was the start of me wearing baby pants for 2 years when my mother saw me in them

  64. Guest28430994

     I remember my mother using lined rubberpants on my younger brothers when they were wetting the bed. She told me that it let's them know that they are wearing them because they are wetting like babies. One brother would stop wetting for short periods and start up again and mom would put the rubberpants back on him again. This continued until he was about 11 years old. She said if it didn't embarress them it a least kept the bed dry

  65. Guest28430955

     My mother used plastic pants on my brother until he was 12 years old because he wet the bed at least 3 times a week. She used make himwear absorbent pants underneath the plastic pants. To make it more embarrassing for him she would dress him for bed. At times she would bring him out in his plastic pants to show her friends that he still was in baby pants



  66. Guest28430694

     I remember when my my almost six year old brother was wetting the bed and my mother wanted to put diapers on him but dad said no. He also would have a lot of day time accidents.One weekend around noon my Father who was out with my brother when he wet and messed his pants. When my father brought him home he told my my mother to clean him up and put him back in diapers.He told her if he wants to act like baby treat him like one. At the time my we had 2 babies in the house and my almost 3 year old brother was day trained and dry more often then wet at night.Dad told mom to reverse roles of my brothers.My older brother became a baby he had to sleep in a crib and eat in the high treated him like a baby for a whole month. His day accidents stopped but his night time didn't and he was kept in diapers and rubberpants until he stopped at 9 years old

  67. Guest28430389

     Many years ago while visiting my aunt she suggested to my mother that I have a nap with her children.My mother said it would be nice but told her I still wet like a baby at night. My aunt said that was ok she said if he wets like a baby I'll put diapers and rubberpants on him like a baby. I couldn't believe it I was almost six years old.My mother said that was a good idea she had been thinking of putting me back in diapers anyhow.My aunt got the diapers and pinned them on me and then put yellow with baby bears rubberpants on me.Both of them laughed and said that I was a cute baby boy.when I woke up I was drenched. All my cousins saw me in wet diapers.When mom saw how well they worked she said I would start wearing them until I stopped wetting the bed.Iwore them for over 2 years and it was so embarressing  for me because everyone in the neighborhood knew I was still in diapers .

  68. Guest28429813

     My mother shamed my brother unmercifully for bedwetting. He was diapered and put and plastic pants in front of friends and neighbors.All the neighbors saw in baby  clothing..She made him sleep in a crib every night until he was 9 and stopped wetting every night but wore plastic pants until he was 12.

  69. Guest28429756

     Yes I used them on my son for 2 years at night but he asked if he could wear them . I think he was jealous of his sister and brother that were in diapers and he stopped when they were trained

  70. Guest28429371

     I used to do a lot of babysitting as a teenager and while going to college and found out that in my neighborhood 90 percent of the boys that wet the bed wore rubberpants at night and all were friends and none knew each other wore rubberpants at night 

  71. Guest28429308

     My six year old nephew came to live with me after his mother got sick. Right away I noticed he was a twice a night bedwetter and was still sucking his thumb. I talked to my mother about it and she suggested maybe he should be put into night time diapers and rubberpants at night. I thought he would give me a problem getting him to wear them but to my surprise he let me diaper him without any difficulty. I used to get him ready for bed every night with my almost 2 other children a toddler and a one year old. He stopped wetting except for a couple of accidents a month for which I put terry lined rubberpants on him at night for a couple of years until both of us agreed he didn't need them anymore. I always thought he enjoyed me dressing him at night like a baby. I also noticed improvement in his behavior and his school grade.

  72. Guest28429079

     I used to baby sit for a a six year old that's mother had him in night diapers and rubberpants.He had 4 siblings 2 older and 2 younger that were out of diapers. I felt so bad for him having to put diapers and rubberpants on him and put him in a crib before his younger siblings.They all taunted him about his baby attire. I told him he was not the only little boy that I baby sat for that wore diapers and rubberpants.Though he was the only one that mother babied him. She made sure he he was still a baby.She told me that it would give him incentive to stay dry.Which never happened while I baby sat them. She also made him wear rubberpants over his underwear on weekends to punish him for wetting the bed and would always tell other mother what a baby he was  and was still in diapers at night. tellmention it to other mothers 

  73. Guest28429062

     I was one of those boys that was shamed for wetting the bed.  When my 2 year old sister was trained my mother told me I was the only baby in the family as I still had accidents and was atwice a night bedwetters. So until such time as stopped i would be wearing training rubberpants in the day time after school and diapers and rubberpants at night. It was so embarrassing the first night when my mother diapered me and pulled up the rubberpants telling I was still a baby it was even  worse when she put me in my sister's crib. I had to wear diapers and rubberpants for a year at night and rubber training pants for six months after for minor accidents 

  74. Guest28428998

     Rubberpants were used back in the day to make the child (especially boys) to shame them. Back then they thought by making  the child wear babies pants would embarrassing them to stop wetting when other saw them in the rubberpants. Most even used Diapers with them to make them feel more babyish 

  75. Guest28428923

    My 5 year old brother wet his pants at my aunts house when we were children she put baby training rubberpants on him. When my mother returned to the house he asked her if he could take them off and she told him no that if he was going to wet like a baby he could wear pants like one. She also informed him that he was going to start wearing diapers and rubber pants at night until he stopped wetting his bed. He wore the diapers for a couple of months and then mom switched to training rubberpants which he wore until he was almost 8. He was very embarrassed when mom would put his babies rubber pants on him in front of her friends telling them he was still wetting his bed.

  76. Guest28428755

     Yes my mother used training rubberpants on all of my brother's  until they were completely dry at night for sixty days. If they  had more than 2 accidents at night they were  put back into until they were dry sixty nights

  77. Guest28428651

     Yes many of my neighbors used them on mostly boys who wet the bed. They used Terry lined rubber pants. It was to let them know they were still considered babies until  they stopped wetting. 

  78. Guest28428594

     My mother used rubberpants on all my brothers when they would wet the bed. If they wet the bed more than one night in a row they had to wear training pants and rubberpants until they were dry for thirty days. To make them more embarrassed she would put them on them before supper and they would have to sit at the table in rubberpants so everyone could see as she would their baby pants. If she found them wet when she would awake them to go to the bathroom she would put them in diapers for a couple of nights. One of them wet occasionally until he was ten and rubberpants were used on him until he stopped completely.

  79. Guest28428540

     Yes ,we have three daughters and we used cloth diapers and rubberpants on all three of them when they were bedwetters going thru puberty.They are fairly close in age,and at one time,for a few months,we had all three girls in the cloth diapers and rubberpants at night and they were ages 12 to 14.

  80. Guest28427941

     My mother used them on my seven year old brother. She put them on him in front of all my sister's and myself the oldest daughter. He was put into before dinner and wasn't allow to any pants on exposing him to everyone that was in the house. He stopped wetting the bed within  6 weeks but had to wear them for 3 months to make sure he remained dry. Two my Unts also did to there son with success 

  81. Guest28427931

     My mother used on me when I was a young boy for bedwetting and got to enjoy her putting the rubber pants on me so much when I realized I stopped wetting the bed i used to wet when i woke up so she would continue to baby worked until she figured it out and told me she would expose me to my friend's if it continued.REC

  82. Guest28424999

     I have heard over the years the many parents use plastic pants on their bedwetting daughters more than they do sons.I have seen a couple of bedwetting teen girls with plastic pants on over their disposable diaper.

  83. Guest28419290

     I am catholic and was confirmed at 14 and per the parish dress code,all of us girls had to wear a white,poofy,top of the knees,short sleeve flower girl style dress and veil with lace socks and white patent leather shoes.My parents made me wear  cloth diaper with adult size plastic pants over it under the dress!I was feeling embarrassed and a little angry when we got to the parish and was talking to a few of the other girls in my class when one of them blurted out that she had a diaper and plastic pants on under her dress and that her parents required her to wear them and then three other girls said the same thing as did i.I was so relieved that i wasnt the only girl in the diaper and plastic pants!

  84. Guest28416568

     I was put back into rubber pants(plastic pants) as mom called them over a thick pull up training pant until I was ten.Mom would occasionally use diapers if I was wetting more than once a night.I never liked the training pant or diapers but I liked the rubber pants and still think about them.

  85. Guest28415249

    Yes,we have a 15 year old daughter who is a bedwetter and i put plastic pants[aka-rubberpants]on her every night at bed time over her cloth diapers.I buy them for her in adult sizes and in pastel colors and with baby prints on them.I love having her like a baby at bedtime! 

  86. Guest28406021

     Yes,we have a newly adopted 14 year old daughter and we are using cloth diapers and adult size plastic pants[rubberpants] on her at night.The rubberpants fit her blousy for comfort.During the daytime,she wears cotton training pants with the Dappi brand xxl size rubberpants over them.

  87. Guest28360207

     My mom used lined training rubber pants on me until I was night trained at almost seven.They kept the bed dry and saved her a lot of laundry. Many of her friends also used them on bedwetters as did my Aunts.

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