Has anyone used rubber pants or plastic pants on children that wet the bed

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Has anyone used rubber pants or plastic pants on children that wet the bed

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  1. Guest28431009

     When I was six and still a bedwetter. I was in my aunt's bedroom and saw a bunch of rubberpants on the bed. I decided to try a pair on and while I was pulling up my pants my aunt walked in and caught me in the rubberpants. She said what a cute little baby. Though I think you will be cuter with diapers underneath them. This was the start of me wearing baby pants for 2 years when my mother saw me in them

  2. Guest28430994

     I remember my mother using lined rubberpants on my younger brothers when they were wetting the bed. She told me that it let's them know that they are wearing them because they are wetting like babies. One brother would stop wetting for short periods and start up again and mom would put the rubberpants back on him again. This continued until he was about 11 years old. She said if it didn't embarress them it a least kept the bed dry

  3. Guest28430955

     My mother used plastic pants on my brother until he was 12 years old because he wet the bed at least 3 times a week. She used make himwear absorbent pants underneath the plastic pants. To make it more embarrassing for him she would dress him for bed. At times she would bring him out in his plastic pants to show her friends that he still was in baby pants



  4. Guest28430694

     I remember when my my almost six year old brother was wetting the bed and my mother wanted to put diapers on him but dad said no. He also would have a lot of day time accidents.One weekend around noon my Father who was out with my brother when he wet and messed his pants. When my father brought him home he told my my mother to clean him up and put him back in diapers.He told her if he wants to act like baby treat him like one. At the time my we had 2 babies in the house and my almost 3 year old brother was day trained and dry more often then wet at night.Dad told mom to reverse roles of my brothers.My older brother became a baby he had to sleep in a crib and eat in the high treated him like a baby for a whole month. His day accidents stopped but his night time didn't and he was kept in diapers and rubberpants until he stopped at 9 years old

  5. Guest28430389

     Many years ago while visiting my aunt she suggested to my mother that I have a nap with her children.My mother said it would be nice but told her I still wet like a baby at night. My aunt said that was ok she said if he wets like a baby I'll put diapers and rubberpants on him like a baby. I couldn't believe it I was almost six years old.My mother said that was a good idea she had been thinking of putting me back in diapers anyhow.My aunt got the diapers and pinned them on me and then put yellow with baby bears rubberpants on me.Both of them laughed and said that I was a cute baby boy.when I woke up I was drenched. All my cousins saw me in wet diapers.When mom saw how well they worked she said I would start wearing them until I stopped wetting the bed.Iwore them for over 2 years and it was so embarressing  for me because everyone in the neighborhood knew I was still in diapers .

  6. Guest28429813

     My mother shamed my brother unmercifully for bedwetting. He was diapered and put and plastic pants in front of friends and neighbors.All the neighbors saw in baby  clothing..She made him sleep in a crib every night until he was 9 and stopped wetting every night but wore plastic pants until he was 12.

  7. Guest28429756

     Yes I used them on my son for 2 years at night but he asked if he could wear them . I think he was jealous of his sister and brother that were in diapers and he stopped when they were trained

  8. Guest28429371

     I used to do a lot of babysitting as a teenager and while going to college and found out that in my neighborhood 90 percent of the boys that wet the bed wore rubberpants at night and all were friends and none knew each other wore rubberpants at night 

  9. Guest28429308

     My six year old nephew came to live with me after his mother got sick. Right away I noticed he was a twice a night bedwetter and was still sucking his thumb. I talked to my mother about it and she suggested maybe he should be put into night time diapers and rubberpants at night. I thought he would give me a problem getting him to wear them but to my surprise he let me diaper him without any difficulty. I used to get him ready for bed every night with my almost 2 other children a toddler and a one year old. He stopped wetting except for a couple of accidents a month for which I put terry lined rubberpants on him at night for a couple of years until both of us agreed he didn't need them anymore. I always thought he enjoyed me dressing him at night like a baby. I also noticed improvement in his behavior and his school grade.

  10. Guest28429079

     I used to baby sit for a a six year old that's mother had him in night diapers and rubberpants.He had 4 siblings 2 older and 2 younger that were out of diapers. I felt so bad for him having to put diapers and rubberpants on him and put him in a crib before his younger siblings.They all taunted him about his baby attire. I told him he was not the only little boy that I baby sat for that wore diapers and rubberpants.Though he was the only one that mother babied him. She made sure he he was still a baby.She told me that it would give him incentive to stay dry.Which never happened while I baby sat them. She also made him wear rubberpants over his underwear on weekends to punish him for wetting the bed and would always tell other mother what a baby he was  and was still in diapers at night. tellmention it to other mothers 

  11. Guest28429062

     I was one of those boys that was shamed for wetting the bed.  When my 2 year old sister was trained my mother told me I was the only baby in the family as I still had accidents and was atwice a night bedwetters. So until such time as stopped i would be wearing training rubberpants in the day time after school and diapers and rubberpants at night. It was so embarrassing the first night when my mother diapered me and pulled up the rubberpants telling I was still a baby it was even  worse when she put me in my sister's crib. I had to wear diapers and rubberpants for a year at night and rubber training pants for six months after for minor accidents 

  12. Guest28428998

     Rubberpants were used back in the day to make the child (especially boys) to shame them. Back then they thought by making  the child wear babies pants would embarrassing them to stop wetting when other saw them in the rubberpants. Most even used Diapers with them to make them feel more babyish 

  13. Guest28428923

    My 5 year old brother wet his pants at my aunts house when we were children she put baby training rubberpants on him. When my mother returned to the house he asked her if he could take them off and she told him no that if he was going to wet like a baby he could wear pants like one. She also informed him that he was going to start wearing diapers and rubber pants at night until he stopped wetting his bed. He wore the diapers for a couple of months and then mom switched to training rubberpants which he wore until he was almost 8. He was very embarrassed when mom would put his babies rubber pants on him in front of her friends telling them he was still wetting his bed.

  14. Guest28428755

     Yes my mother used training rubberpants on all of my brother's  until they were completely dry at night for sixty days. If they  had more than 2 accidents at night they were  put back into until they were dry sixty nights

  15. Guest28428651

     Yes many of my neighbors used them on mostly boys who wet the bed. They used Terry lined rubber pants. It was to let them know they were still considered babies until  they stopped wetting. 

  16. Guest28428594

     My mother used rubberpants on all my brothers when they would wet the bed. If they wet the bed more than one night in a row they had to wear training pants and rubberpants until they were dry for thirty days. To make them more embarrassed she would put them on them before supper and they would have to sit at the table in rubberpants so everyone could see as she would their baby pants. If she found them wet when she would awake them to go to the bathroom she would put them in diapers for a couple of nights. One of them wet occasionally until he was ten and rubberpants were used on him until he stopped completely.

  17. Guest28428540

     Yes ,we have three daughters and we used cloth diapers and rubberpants on all three of them when they were bedwetters going thru puberty.They are fairly close in age,and at one time,for a few months,we had all three girls in the cloth diapers and rubberpants at night and they were ages 12 to 14.

  18. Guest28427941

     My mother used them on my seven year old brother. She put them on him in front of all my sister's and myself the oldest daughter. He was put into before dinner and wasn't allow to any pants on exposing him to everyone that was in the house. He stopped wetting the bed within  6 weeks but had to wear them for 3 months to make sure he remained dry. Two my Unts also did to there son with success 

  19. Guest28427931

     My mother used on me when I was a young boy for bedwetting and got to enjoy her putting the rubber pants on me so much when I realized I stopped wetting the bed i used to wet when i woke up so she would continue to baby worked until she figured it out and told me she would expose me to my friend's if it continued.REC

  20. Guest28424999

     I have heard over the years the many parents use plastic pants on their bedwetting daughters more than they do sons.I have seen a couple of bedwetting teen girls with plastic pants on over their disposable diaper.

  21. Guest28419290

     I am catholic and was confirmed at 14 and per the parish dress code,all of us girls had to wear a white,poofy,top of the knees,short sleeve flower girl style dress and veil with lace socks and white patent leather shoes.My parents made me wear  cloth diaper with adult size plastic pants over it under the dress!I was feeling embarrassed and a little angry when we got to the parish and was talking to a few of the other girls in my class when one of them blurted out that she had a diaper and plastic pants on under her dress and that her parents required her to wear them and then three other girls said the same thing as did i.I was so relieved that i wasnt the only girl in the diaper and plastic pants!

  22. Guest28416568

     I was put back into rubber pants(plastic pants) as mom called them over a thick pull up training pant until I was ten.Mom would occasionally use diapers if I was wetting more than once a night.I never liked the training pant or diapers but I liked the rubber pants and still think about them.

  23. Guest28415249

    Yes,we have a 15 year old daughter who is a bedwetter and i put plastic pants[aka-rubberpants]on her every night at bed time over her cloth diapers.I buy them for her in adult sizes and in pastel colors and with baby prints on them.I love having her like a baby at bedtime! 

  24. Guest28406021

     Yes,we have a newly adopted 14 year old daughter and we are using cloth diapers and adult size plastic pants[rubberpants] on her at night.The rubberpants fit her blousy for comfort.During the daytime,she wears cotton training pants with the Dappi brand xxl size rubberpants over them.

  25. Guest28360207

     My mom used lined training rubber pants on me until I was night trained at almost seven.They kept the bed dry and saved her a lot of laundry. Many of her friends also used them on bedwetters as did my Aunts.

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