Halimbawa ng liham patnugot

by Guest11286763  |  7 years ago

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puede pakisagutan

 Tags: halimbawa, liham, NG, patnugot



  1. Guest28097220

     hindi nmn po kau nka2tulong ea.

  2. Guest24980208


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  4. Guest24951904

    baliw.. boba ka


  5. Guest24270379

    liham pangangakal.


  6. Guest23140161

    mga baliw wag kau mag popost kungd nyo alm ok ?

  7. Guest22951469

    kailangan po kasi namin sa aming project

  8. Guest22738941

    Ang patnugot ang isang opinyon na dapat ipaalam sa nakakataas =)

  9. Guest22588695

    punyeta ka kasi~

  10. Guest22494956

    me 2 ehhh grade 6 na ko d ko pa rin  alam


  11. Guest21627567

    bat ka pa ngsgot di mo nmn alam..sus..grabe kah..mag isip ka nga..

  12. Guest21623567

     uy bawal mag sav ng bad words dian cge k baka sundan k ng karma

    hehehehehehehehehehehehe.sana pag nakita m 2 piece lng tayo

  13. Guest21603761


  14. Guest20040507
    panatgut d kuh lam eh sori

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