Had You Really Known ore screening equipment So Far?

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Had You Really Known ore screening equipment So Far?

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     ZSG series of linear vibrating screen is stable and reliable, low consumption, low noise, long service life, stable vibration mode, high screening efficiency, etc, is a new efficient screening equipment. this type ore screening equipment is With small volume, simple structure, reasonable, screening of high precision, fully enclosed no pollution, low noise, low energy consumption, convenient maintenance screen mesh, simple maintenance and long service life, etc. But do you know the application of this iron ore screening equipment up to now?

    Iron ore screening equipment, which includes mining spirals; washing; filtration; sorting; sizing; mineral processing shaking table, gravity concentration; magnetic separation; flotation; and agglomeration (pelletizing, sintering, briquetting), is attached to the large mines to process low grade iron ore. ZSG series of linear vibrating screen is working, two motor synchronous reverse placed to reverse excitation force of vibration device, force drives the screen mesh sieve body do longitudinal motion, make the material being thrown up on the screen at the same time as a straight line forward, after falling into a screen material from the material end, fast forward, loose materials appearing on the screen to make it of exciting force and cyclical thrown forward a range, so as to complete screening materials operations.


    Scope of application of iron ore screening screen is in the folowing: Vibrating screen scope of application is very extensive, almost involves all aspects of life need to use both in processing and manufacturing various types of vibrating screen. Vibrating screen is mainly used in mining, coal, smelting, building material, refractory material, light industry, chemical industry, medicine, food, etc. Vibrating screen in the application of concentrator, according to its different transmission mechanism, and can be divided into the following kinds: eccentric inertia linear vibrating screen, vibrating screen, since the fixed center shaker, resonance screen.

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    ore screening equipment:

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