HP 9650 printer.... error message regarding paper size.

by Guest17368592  |  10 years, 10 month(s) ago

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This error message continues to pop-up.

"Unexpected Paper SizeThe paper size selected in the printer driver is different from the size of paper loaded in the printer.Load the correct-sized paper and press the Resume button to continue printing.Alternatively, cancel the print job, select a paper size that matches the paper loaded in the printer, and send the print job again.If the paper size is too small, content on the printout may be truncated."

Yes... I tried to change the paper size for a document to 11x17. That is when this message first appeared. Then I changed the size back to 8x10. But now I can't get rid of this stupid message.

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  1. Guest24929075

    If you're sure that the printer's printer setting is right, maybe the problem is the copier paper that you are using. That happened to me before. Try to use copier paper like this one :

  2. Guest17368592
    sorry.. changed size back to 8 1/2 x 11 .

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